Get FREE VPS/VDS server
with the free management and
tech support services 24/7

What are the terms of getting the virtual server for FREE ?

To get service for free your website should match the few simple terms:

Website topic:
  • Site development
  • Internet-marketing
  • SEO
  • Internet or Hi-tech
*On individual approach, we are ready to provide a service for the other interesting projectsWebsite statistics::
  • Alexa rank below 350k in the world
  • the number of unique visitors starts from 500

Also, you should provide a document that proves your identity.

According to your site topic, the number of visitors and specific of your project we can offer you one of the hosting plans on a free basis.

You should place the link HyperHost hosting on your website.
The service is not provided for gaming hosting (Minecraft, WOW, SAMP etc.) and for Forex and mining*

Free service terms don`t match your needs?
Order VPS hosting price starts from
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