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Additional services

CDN services

CDN - is a geographically distributed network infrastructure that optimizes the delivery and distribution of content to end users. Using a CDN helps to increase the downloading speed of Internet users audio, video, software, games and other forms of digital content in the network points of presence CDN.

We provide CDN services from PRO-level companies with a worldwide reputation CloudFlare.
With a 50% discount!
Each service SDN also includes a DDoS-protection!

  • System benefits
  • • CDN network is made up of 34 data centers around the world;
  • • Increased download site speed (x2);
  • • Caching content on DNS level;
  • • Our servers are in range of the CloudFlare;
  • • Traffic saving is about 60%.
DDoS Protection Services

DDoS - attack on a computer system with the aim to bring it to failure, ie the creation of conditions in which the legal system users can not get access to the provided system resources (servers), or the access is difficult.

HyperHost provides DDoS protection service levels by CloudFlare PRO with 50% discount! Each service includes a DDoS service SDN price!

  • System benefits
  • • Protection from DDoS, SQL-Injection, XSS;
  • • Form POST-request to prevent DDoS-attacks;
  • • Advanced Security (available only for PRO);
  • • Automatic detection of DDoS-attacks;
  • • Ability to select the level of protection for the site.
Additional IP address

Why do you need a dedicated IP?
If you are using shared hosting services to your site will be assigned IP-address that is common to one of the HyperHost servers ._ Consequently, IP-address will be shared with all customers hosted on the server. Unfortunately, there is no possibility to monitor the activities of all our customers, respectively, if your neighbor starts spamming on the server or uses an unscrupulous methods of promotion of sites, there is a possibility that the IP-address will fall into spam postal database or search engine.

The company offers HyperHost just $ 2 per month dedicated IP-addresses service for all the virtual hosting services.

  • What do you get due dedicated IP:
  • • Protection from spam databases and search filters;
  • • The ability to connect anonymously via FTP;
  • • Ability to get SSL-certificate;
  • • Immunity to DDOS-attacks of neighbors;
  • • The precise statistics of visits to your site.

HyperHost offers services of sales and installation of SSL-certificates. SSL-protocols by authentication and multilevel encryption provides secure data exchange. Thus, your SSL-certificate will protect the site, making the user data transfer between the site and completely secure. HyperHost experts promptly, absolutely free will connect and configure your certificate, you only have to choose the most suitable option.

RapidSSL WildCard
  • Browser compatibility - 99.3%
  • 128 or 256 - bit protection
  • Subdomains protection - YES
  • For large commercial portals
350 00 $ /year
RapidSSL Standard
  • Browser compatibility - 99.3%
  • 128 or 256 - bit protection
  • Subdomains protection - NO
  • One of the most popular certificates for online stores.
37 50 $ /year
Comodo Positive SSL
  • Browser compatibility - 99.3%
  • 128-bit protection
  • Subdomains protection - NO
  • For entry level Internet projects.
17 50 $ /year
24/7 server monitoring

24/7 server monitoring is a constant checking of your server and its services of the availability of our monitoring system. In case of any problems, encountered on your server, our specialists will respond with lightning speed they will remove or, if necessary, participate in solving customer problems, will tell you! The fee for this service is more than acceptable and accessible - it is only $ 5 per month.

  • Advantages of the service
  • • Constant checking the access to server
  • • Rapid response to messages
  • • Quick resolution of technical issues
  • • Messaging to the customer about any questions
  • • Affordable price

Thank you for choosing HyperHostтм!