Dedicated server in the Russian Federation with free server management privileges

Save up to 100$ monthly on server administration services

Best dedicated server hosting service in Russia

The dedicated server in Russia - is the most effective way for information storage for Russian companies and website owners. We offer one of the best-dedicated servers at the reliable DC in Moscow.

Why should you choose the servers from our company?

  • you don't need to worry about limits, as we offer an unlimited bandwidth
  • you don't need to spend time looking for freelancers - we`ll offer free server management
  • you don't need to move or set up your project - we`ll do it for you and also our tech support optimize your server config

As the result, you'll get a more powerful server for the complex or light-loaded project. To start, you just need to do a few things: choose dedicated server hosting plan and make an order.

Choose the best configs according to your needs
Note: Free - Server Management, Unlimited - Traffic, 100 mbit Channel for all serevers
Processor Bench ? The assess of the relative performance RAM Disk space Location Price
H1_ru2 2x Xeon E5620
2.4ГГц (8 cores)
8207 16 Gb 2x1000GB SATA3
177.00 $
H2_ru2 2x Xeon E5620
2.4ГГц (8 cores)
8207 32 Gb 2x600GB SAS
251.22 $
H3_ru2 2x Xeon E5620
2.4ГГц (8 cores)
8207 32 Gb 2x480GB SSD
289.15 $
H4_ru2 2x Xeon E5620
2.4Ghz (8 cores)
8207 16 Gb 2x240GB SSD
216.21 $
H5_ru2 2x Xeon E5620
2.4GHZ (8 cores)
8207 16 Gb 2x2000GB SATA3
192.69 $
H6_ru2 2x Xeon E5620
2.4GHz (8 cores)
8207 32 Gb 2x4000GB SATA3
232.94 $
H7_ru2 Xeon E3-1230v3
3.3GHz (4 cores)
8207 8 Gb 2x1000GB SATA3
115.81 $
H8_ru2 Xeon E3-1230v3
3.3ГГц (4 cores)
9316 16 Gb 2x1000GB SATA3
148.23 $
H9_ru2 Xeon E3-1230v3
3.3ГГц (4 cores)
9316 8 Gb 2x120GB SSD
151.78 $
H10_ru2 2x Xeon E5620
2.4GHz (8 cores)
8222 32 Gb 2x120GB SSD
209.12 $
H11_ru2 2x Intel Xeon E5-2650v4
2.0GHz (8 cores)
8207 64 Gb 2x480GB SSD + 2x4ТB
548.18 $
H12_ru2 2x Xeon E5-2620v2 2.1ГГц (12 cores) 8207 32 Gb 2x1000Gb SATA + 16x4000Gb SATA
805.92 $
  • Debian
  • Ubuntu
  • CentOs
  • Windows
  • FreeBSD
You can choose the actual version of popular Linux distributives. Want to install your own OS? We'll install it for you!
Use any payment methodPaymant methods43 payment methods and 3 currencies are available. You can easily find the one that matches your needs. Do you use a few payment system? Change the payment method each months.
Do you need some help to choose a server?

Contact us and and we`ll find the best config according to your needs! We know:
- how to find the server that matches your budget
- how to find the right config
- how to build a server infrastructure even to complex cluster technologies - Dmytro, tech support expert

Contact us
Additional services from HyperHost company
Management Basic management
(installation, configuration and optimization of software)
Free Details
Control panel
ISPManager 5 Lite
ISPManager 5 Lite (lifetime)
ISPmanager Business
ISPmanager Business (lifetime)
cPanel Dedicated
4.00 $
66.00 $
11.00 $
260.00 $
40.00 $
11.00 $
How to order
To get the additional service write request on
How to order
To get the additional service write request on
How to order
To get the additional service write request on
How to order
To get the additional service write request on
How to order
To get the additional service write request on
How to order
To get the additional service write request on
Operation system
Centos, Fedora, Ubuntu, Debian, Slackware, FreeBSD
Windows Server 12
15.99 $
How to order
You can choose the OS during the order
How to order
Change OS you can writing a request to
Additional resources Dedicated IP-address
2.00 $
SSL certificates Comodo, GeoTrust, Symantec, RapidSS, Thawte
8.19 $
Cashing CDN
1.00 $
Frequently Asked Questions:
  • What are the traffic limits on dedicated servers?

    By default 100mb channel with unlimited traffic. If you need 1 or 10 Gbit channel please contact the sales department

  • When server will be set up?

    The servers mentioned on our website can be set up in 24 working hour. If you need a specific config we'll let you know additional about the setup time.

  • Is it possible to test a server?

    There is no option to test dedicated server.

  • I have not found necessary config. What should I do?

    Contact us, specify the desired config and we'll help you to find the best config. Or we can find an individual server config and tell you when it can be set up and price.

  • Is it possible to get more resources?

    Almost all servers resources can be upgraded, check this option contact the sales department.

  • Check more info in Wiki
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