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Domain name generator - what is it?

Domain generator is a free online tool designed to simplify the process of choosing a domain name before buying a domain. Unlike many others, we use artificial intelligence to select different variations of website names, which allows us to find the most interesting and non-trivial names. After generating the website name, just choose the one you like, if it is free in the com zone, you will immediately proceed to its registration, otherwise, you can check its availability in one of more than 300 domain zones to choose from.

Selecting a domain by keyword

Choosing a domain name is one of the most difficult stages in the domain registration process. You need to take into account keywords, subject matter, and the company name. Our automatic domain name suggestion service will allow you to entrust this to artificial intelligence. Enter your desired domain name or existing company name, a few keywords that should be used to find you on the web, and your field of activity. The AI will select several alternative names for your website, and our system will check for free domains with the same name. By default, we check for domains in the com zone, but in the advanced search, you have more than 300 domain zones to choose from.
Don't like the proposed options? Simply make changes to the entered parameters and ask us to select domains again.

How to choose a domain for your website?

Whether you're using our domain suggestion tool or coming up with a domain yourself, there are a few simple guidelines that will help you when registering a new website name:

  • Collect a list of words that describe your site most accurately
  • Write down synonyms, analogs, words that are similar in meaning
  • Use the name of a legal entity or your sole proprietorship in the website name
  • Collect nomadic words that visitors should use to find your business
  • Do not use abbreviations unnecessarily

Remember that a .com domain and a domain are two different website names, even if the domain itself is the same
Our online service will help you choose a domain for your website.

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