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Remote desktop using RDP and free license
Choose Windows Server
versions 2008 / 2012 / 2016
Free trial version
of Windows license
High speed of work
due to reliable SSD drives

Choose on of the virtual VPS/VDS server with Windows

Available server locations
  • The Netherlands
  • Ukraine
You will get fast server respond no matter of the server location.
Use any payment methodPaymant methods43 payment methods and 3 currencies are available. You can easily find the one that matches your needs. Do you use a few payment system? Change the payment method each months.
Choose any OS:
  • Windows server 2008, 2012, 2016
You can choose the up-to-date version of Windows. Want to install your own OS? We'll install it for you!
Code on any languageWe picks up on everything at a word, it doesn't matter what language you speak or code. Be your self =)
VDS servers with Windows OS can be a ground of your project
The feedback proves the reliability of our hosting
More than 300 reviews from 7 independent reviews services
The average rate in catalogue 9.9 from 10.0
Plan : VDS Start
Website : not specified
High quality support

Manager answered all my questions patiently. I do not know which OS to choose Linux or Windows. Also, Olga explains me all details about the control panels. I choose windows VDS, because I am know how to manage it. Also, I get test on Linux to see how it work, for my future projects"

The average rate in catalogue 9.7 from 10.0
Tymofei Nazerbeiv
Plan : VDS Mega-Host
Website : not specified
Good hosting

Get the email about unpaid invoice, but have no opportunity to pay in the next 3 days. I've asked support don't stop my service and they agree. Really appreciate it! Thank you very much

The average rate in catalogue 9.9 from 10.0
Oliver Stoppers
Plan : VDS Mega-Host
Website : not specified
Easy to change the plan

Order VPS but then decide to change it to VDS as I needed Windows. Guys easely change the service and move the payment

The average rate in catalogue 9.7 from 10.0
Brandon Gragson
Plan : VPS Ultra
Website : not specified
Friendly support team

"I like that tech support is always ready to help you. It doesn`t matter if you have a small studpid question or need some serious help.By the way, I'm newbie to all this VPS things, so I do appreciate the help."

The average rate in catalogue 9.9 from 10.0
Rodger Nikson
Plan : VDS Start
Website : not specified
Cheap Windows

Look for server with windows OS for remote desktop. This Guys offer the cheapest solution with the high quality and fast speed.

The average rate in catalogue 9.7 from 10.0
Md Khorshed Alam
Plan : VDS Ultra
Website : not specified
Fast support

Hosting is a virtual product. It's service oriented. Service of HyperHost is really awesome and prompt. Everone should try their service.

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VPS servers using KVM virtualization is an excellent choice for Windows OS

Our VDS with Windows fits for any tasks, like the remote desktop, uploading sites developed using asp.net, work with Forex, CRM systems and etc. VDS is a virtual server based on uses KVM virtualization, which guarantees dedicated resources to each user.

We offer up-to-date versions of Windows Server 2008, 2012, 2016 on our servers located in Ukraine and the Netherlands. Using a virtual Windows server provided by HyperHost, you'll get root access and fully customized system according to your goals. Also, you have an option to install any necessary software for work.

Order low-cost VDS with windows, and pay only for the server. We provide trial OS version for 180 days. After the end of the trial, you can buy a license or you'll need to reinstall system for further use. Virtual VDS windows server response quickly and we use the top version of the OS. Also, you can install your own system image.

You get guaranteed dedicated resources, due to the KVM virtualization. If you need more resources you can upgrade. For additional resources or upgrade contact the sales department.

The cheapest VPS with windows is plan“Start”. Its resources are enough to realize all your tasks, for example, to use remote desktop.

We do not offer desktop versions, like windows 7, windows 2003, windows 10, we have Windows server 2008, 2012, 2016, which can be activated for free. You are looking for VPS with windows for Forex, don’t you? Our VDS servers are the best solution for these goals. We will send you access details to your remote desktop, right after the payment. You can also order a virtual server for Linux.

You'll get a powerful virtual dedicated server when you rent VDS with Windows. It is easier to manage VDS than a physical server. You can configure Admin-access, get own IP-address, ports for fast and reliable work.

VDS with Windows is a reliable and available all around the clock remote desktop, so you can use all the apps from any computer all over the world, and you'll need only access to the Internet.

How to activate Windows for free? You'll need to register on the official Microsoft website and get free activation key, for the 2012-th and 2016-th versions of Windows. Our tech support activates free trial period for Windows 2008 (or you can do it by yourself).

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Additional services from HyperHost company
Additional resources
1 GB Disk space
1 Add. core
Dedicated IP-address
How to order
How to order
How to order
You can order an add. resource during VPS/VDS or create a request on [email protected]
SSL certificatesComodo, GeoTrust, Symantec, RapidSS, Thawte
DomainsUkrainian, International, Trending, Countries
Data backupBackup - remote data storage
Frequently Asked Questions:
  • How to activate Windows trial license?

    There is no test option. You can pay the server and get moneyback if you do not like it. Or send a request to sales department and describe your project with as much as possible details.

  • Is there an option to test VDS?

    There is no test option. You can pay the server and get moneybackif you do not like it. Or send a request to sales department and describe your project with as much as possible details.

  • What are the difference between VPS and VDS?

    VPS and VDS are differ by visualization type. VDS servers uses KVM visualization it allows to install Windows and update core for Linux distributive and Windows. VPS servers use OpenVZ.

  • Which Windows Server version should I select?

    We recommend to use Windows 2008 and we'll help to activate 180 days trial.

  • How to connect to Windows server via RDP?

    Click the Start button, next"All programmes", go to "Standard", and select "Remote Desktop Connection". Enter VDS server IP and use access details from а letter.

  • Check more info in Wiki
Up time

Guaranteed Uptime 99,97%
Compensation in case of downtime period in 10 times!
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HostAdvice Great Uptime Award for HyperHost

Uptime of 99.9% due to HostAdvice check

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