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The average rate in catalog
9.9 from 10.0
  • Топ 1 cheapest plans for brands in Ukraine
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The average rate in catalog
5 from 5
  • Independent reviews website
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The average rate in catalog
4.9 from 5
  • Web Hosting Reviews Website
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The average rate in catalog
9.7 from 10.0
  • top 10 Java Hosting
  • top 10 CDN
  • top 10 Reseller
  • top 2 website builder
  • top 10 Managed hosting
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The average rate in catalog
4.9 from 5
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Alla, clients manager
Random reviews about HyperHost from ratings and catalogs
The average rate in catalogue 9.9 from 10.0
Karim Aximov
Plan : Mini
Website : not specified
Good hosting for WP

Ordered hosting with cPanel. I`ve small Wordpress website, so I choosed the Mini plan.Tech support help me with site transfer. Thank you, and good luck.

The average rate in catalogue 9.9 from 10.0
Kate Ramenko
Plan : Comfort
Website: avto-ambition.com.ua
Cool promotion

I`ve ordered a plan on 6 month and get a free domain in .com domain zone. Tech support help s with SSL installation for free, also they help we to change PHP version. Thank you guys you are the best.

The average rate in catalogue 9.9 from 10.0
Najra Barto
Plan : shared.unlim20
Website : not specified
All websites in one place

I`ve been with HyperHost for about 6 months. Any time I need help I get it. I want to thank all tech support team and managers, they make my work easier.

The average rate in catalogue 9.9 from 10.0
Gordon Walleys
Plan : shared.unlim10
Website : not specified
Awesome support

I`ve ordered a few services from HyperHost. Any time I need help it get it, even in chat. Guys often have interesting promotions, so I guess I`ll stay with them for long time (if quality will be the same)

The average rate in catalogue 9.9 from 10.0
A. B.
Plan : VPS Ultra
Website : not specified
Few service orders

in a week i bought 3 service of them (Shared host & vps),support always on line and really help you... (not like other sites that sale branches only on line and for other thing you have to send a ticket)on line support of them...

The average rate in catalogue 9.9 from 10.0
Plan : VPS Mega-Host
Website : not specified
Realiable hosting company

I`ve done test VPS config, than I needed re-installation of OS, so I`ve contacted tech support in chat. They asked me to create a ticket, due to security policy. I`ve done it, and every thing was reinstalled from scratch in a few minutes! Tech support help me, no matter than I`ve a tested service. Thank you guys!

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