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VDS at KVM for Windows

The cheapest VDS Windows plan

Windows Remote Desktop Access

RDP for office, browser or telephony

SQL, Office, RDP

Benefits of Cheap Windows VDS

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After changing access, only you will have the details of connecting to the remote desktop
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Free administration
We will configure and optimize your server for the required tasks at the start of the project and in the process of work
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Technical support 24/7
Your queries will be resolved regardless of the time of day or night, on weekends and holidays
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RDP remote desktop
Enjoy all the benefits of a remote desktop using the RDP connection protocol

All the obvious advantages of such a system have already been felt more 90 000 HyperHost clients

Choose Windows VDS for your budget

Details of a virtual server on Windows

  • Windows 2019 OS Versions
  • Full root and SSH access
  • RDP remote desktop accesses
  • Ideal for technology on IIS, ASP.NET
  • For working on Forex, Amazon, Chrome, etc.

Have your own ISO image? Install it on VDS

VDS Start
enough to work remotely with Chrome or documents


2 Core


4 Gb

Disk Space SSD

50 Gb

Remote desktop (RDP/RDS)



SIP call center

Office, SQL

Visual Studio


Add IP

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Free backups os even cheap VPS/VDS

We create and store backups of each virtual server, even save image servers with Windows OS

Low-priced vds windows hosting

Low-priced vds windows hosting is a guarantee of fixed resources on each plan, highperformance and fast speed of work. Our price for VDS windows is low, as we provide a server with a trial license for180 days. After the end of the trial, you can buy the license or reinstall system for further free use. VDS windows server is a guarantee of fast response and the latest up-to-date operating system version. Also, you can install own ISO.

The low-cost vps windows plan is Start, it is enough for remote desktop installation.

Looking for order a cheap virtual windows server? We have a broad packages line, so you can choose the perfect one for your goal.

Also, you can order additional resources on request (Ram, Disk space, cores) or IP address for each server. To make an order contact sales department. To add resources or upgrade your server needs to reboot.

Order cheap VDS hosting with windows

An alternative option for a remote server. You will get full access to a server even on the lowest plan. We provide free tech support for all plans. We will help to solve all the issues and to work with VDS.

Any plan allows selecting ОS Windows 2008, 2012 or 2016. Also, you will get SSH access to manage VDS. The virtual KVM server with SSD is an excellent choice for high load systems, and for customers who count on stable server work (online shops, CRM-systems, asp.net projects). We have excellent service for web applications. The cheap VDS windows can be used for Forex, Amazon, asp.net technology etc.

You can choose server location during the order Netherlands or Ukraine. Enjoy all advantages of economical VDS hosting and fixed server resources in any location.

If you are a newbie contact us and we will help to choose the best low tariff windows vds hosting and help with its set up and configuration.

great uptime advantage image

Guaranteed Uptime 99,97%

Compensation in case of downtime period in 10 times!

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