CDN service for website content cashing

For nonstop work and high rendering speed from all over the world
Website cashes in 116 DC all over the world
You'll save up to 60% of traffic loading static content
The high loading speed allows to improve website ranking
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We offer access to the biggest CDN network from CloudFlare

CDN (Content Delivery Network) is network the includes DC located all over the world. We offer CDN service from the well-known company CloudFlare, it has 116 Data Centres in different geographical location. This service is ideal to add one of the shared web-hosting plans.

CloudFlare caches your website and shows your website to user from the closest location. It allows saving up to 60% of web traffic and is highly appreciated by mobile users. Your website will load faster due to caching and minimal ping, so your bounce rate will decrease and conversation rate will increase. Also, searching engines give the highest ranking positions to the fast loading websites, so you'll have a chance to earn more.

The advantages of CDN from CloudFlare
The website works twice as fast CDN helps to increase website loading speed, the mobile device users will definitely like it
The faster content delivery from 116 Data Centres CDN servers all over the world cache your website content, so users will get fast access to it all around the globe.
The constant user access to website content If there is no connection to one server, your website will be loaded from the cache of the other CDN server
The increase of website rankingThe fast website with the closest location to the potential users will have better-ranking positions
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How to setup a CDN ?
  • Order and pay the service, don't forget to mention the domain
  • Get an email with new NS for your website
  • Wait until NS update and your website will be accessible from any CDN's server

The CDN installation requires a few minutes of your time

What projects should use a CDN?

First of all, CDN suits for a website with the big number of visitors, and for resources that have users from all around the world.This service is a good website that uses video streaming. Also, it will help large scale website to save traffic and deliver content to the user in a faster way. This service will be good for middle size projects like news websites, forums, e-commerce shops, corporations websites and etc.

The CDN service fits almost for all projects and gives a lot of benefits before the competitors.

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