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VPN by WireGuard

Best VPN WireGuard

Free encrypted connection to protect your information

Powered by WireGuard's best VPN today

Available locations: Ukraine, Netherlands, USA

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Without a VPN, your personal data is at risk!

A VPN (virtual private network) is a service that encrypts your personal data on the Internet from intruders and companies that use your data. The VPN creates a personal encrypted tunnel that keeps you anonymous online by masking your personal IP behind the service address. No one can track you by IP.

  • Connecting to public Wi-Fi?
  • Do you make online purchases?
  • Are you afraid for your anonymity?

Select the VPN location on Wireguard

The VPN locations available today will expand over time

Stay safe with Our VPN
Protect your personal data while working on the network, only a paid service is interested in encrypting your data
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Get access to Blocked Sites
No more restrictions from your GEO, complete freedom of access to the sites and resources that you need
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Get access to Blocked Sites image-2-sm
Ensure the privacy of your activity
Play, have fun, enjoy modern streaming services - without any restrictions!
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Why do you need a paid VPN?

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24/7 VPN connection support
Do you have any questions about VPN speed or the service you ordered? We resolve requests around the clock!
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Guarantee of personal data safety
Only paid VPNs are interested in keeping your data safe, free VPNs can make money by selling personal data
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Anonymity while working online
Access to all the sites you need on the network, without restrictions, from an open and secure location
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Works on IOS, Android and Windows
Use our VPN keys on a convenient device, a PC or your own smartphone

Order an off-the-shelf VPN or deploy a VPN on a VPS

When should you choose a dedicated VPS for VPN?

  • Need more traffic
  • Need more locations
  • Need more IPs under management
  • Need to set up a local proxy
  • Customization of settings and software possible

How to connect to a VPN?

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Order a VPN

Pay for the VPN tariff in the location of your choice that corresponds to your task
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Install the client

Your queries will be resolved despite the time of day or night, even on weekends - How to install a VPN?
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Install the keys

Add the received keys to the installed client - VPN is ready to work
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Why did we choose WireGuard as our VPN solution?

WireGuard is the next generation of VPN services that replaced the popular OpenVPN. It's a fast, multi-platform VPN, probably the best solution available today

  • Deployment of the client in a few clicks on Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, installation on a router;
  • Less code makes the VPN client lighter and connection faster;
  • Paid basis of the service guarantees a wide access channel and data security

WireGuard is 7 times faster than OpenVPN

WireGuard VPN speed test
OpenVPN speed test

Order a VPN in another location

VPN in Ukraine
from 2.96 $ /mth
VPN in Netherlands
from 2.96 $ /mth

The best VPN for PC and smartphone

VPN is a virtual private network that provides a secure connection over the Internet between the user and a specific area of the network. It is a tunnel from the VPN client on the user's computer and the VPN server. Inside the tunnel, the transmitted information is protected and encrypted. With VPN, you get security, anonymity and complete freedom on the Internet. You can easily buy access from us and create a VPN connection.

VPN is used as a tool for data protection. This is especially true if you frequently use a public Wi-Fi hotspot, where hackers can intercept valuable information such as passwords. The main thing you need is to get the network code.

With a VPN, your data will be safe. In addition, if you need to hide your IP, a VPN service will help keep your personal data anonymous. If you need to download a file from another network where the IP addresses of your country are prohibited, with a VPN you will bypass this ban.

In general, a VPN will provide a connection to anywhere in the world and the safety of the transfer of the most important data, it can be connected to almost any device and used on any operating system. The VPN service is located in the Netherlands. VPN is a high degree of reliability, security and versatility.

Frequently Asked Questions

See answers to the most frequently asked questions about our services

Only a paid VPN service can ensure the work of expensive infrastructure, fast connection and security of your data. A free VPN service can allow the leakage of personal data, disconnections or other vulnerabilities.

You can easily set up your own server for VPN connection. To do this, rent a VPS, even the cheapest VPS is suitable for VPN. VPN on VPS allows you to remove all restrictions and use the virtual server as much as possible. Also, you will have a guarantee that the dedicated IP belongs only to you.

VPN creates an additional tunnel between the user and the network, where additional encryption of all data packets takes place. Thus, your connection becomes confidential, and the transmitted data is protected by a system of passwords and keys.

The most secure will be a VPN that you deploy on your own VPS server. The service of paid VPN from well-known brands is also safe. We provide WireGuardVPN as the best solution today. Free VPN connections can be dangerous, since many of them are designed to steal your data, including payment card data and access passwords.

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