Space for websites and SQL database backup

Saving info on dedicated server is a guarantee of data security and safety
Create FTP backup of files, websites or SQL database
Configure a backup according to schedule
Be sure in your information security and safety
3 reasons why you should create a backup of a project
  • Access to latest database and website files from any location or device
  • Saving any important infomation, even from your personal computer
  • Creating a regular backup according to your own schedule
key client manager
Choose the size of files storage
Need more disk space?

Use dedicated server for ftp/ssh backup!

The dedicated server is en exellent choice for backup storage
Xeon E3-1230v2/v3
RAM : 32 Gb
Space : 4000 Gb
Intel Xeon E3-1270
RAM : 32 Gb
Space : 12800 Gb
Dual Intel Xeon Е5-2620
RAM : 64 Gb
Space : 20000 Gb
2xXeon® Gold 6254 3.10GHz (18 core)
RAM : 1536 Gb
Space : 126912 Gb

Data backup - is the service for information saving!

Website backup - is an option to save a copy in remote backup storage. Backup protects your data in case of server error or data loss other disasters. The online backup service allows to decline from the local backup and to save the space on a dedicated server. Using backup service can save your website copies on the separate servers and don’t use resources of your VPS server.

The backups help to save the important data from losses, and you can easily access and restore your data from anywhere. HyperHost backup hosting in an option to save time and money.

How to backup? We have created special and affordable backup plans, that will meet your needs. The main advantage of FTP backup hosting is a low cost and big size of data storage.

Use remote backing up service for safekeeping of websites and many other useful data.Want to do a server backup? Order a service, even if you are not our client. You can back up database ms SQL, PostgreSQL and all necessary info to remote storage. Our tech support will help to set to a backup schedule if you’ll need some help.

The backup service has fast upload speed and is safe. Configure a regular backup and don’t worry about your website. If you will face some problems you can easily restore your precious data for the further work.

Choose backup plan
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