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Easy way to make a link short with lots of advantages

Create a short link in a click.

Get your short link in 1 click. This link is static, it always available

Get full statistics of your short URLs.

You can track the statistics of your links. Just add + at the end of your link

The best alternative of

Unlike closed service, sURL supports short links like

Using short URLs increases CTR by 106–146%

sURL — URL shortener service with statistic

Get a short link in one click. Also, you can have full statistics for all shorten URLs of yours. Just put + at the end of the shortened link. For example, — is an ordinary shortened URL and includes statistics. You can see the number of clicks, geolocation of users, devices, and browsers. In short, you can get all the marketing information needed. The maximum size of the URL is 1984 symbols. Keep it in mind.

How does URL shortener work?

All you need to do is to enter your long URL and get its short version. The short URL is constantly connected with the main one. It will be like a link's mirror. So you don't need to worry about that link will stop to work. Forgot or lost your short URL? No problem, just enter your long URL again.

Why is it necessary to short URLs?

The link has a huge meaning cause there can find page parameters sort options and etc. Also, marketers use UTM, and it makes the URL longer in times. It is an inconvenient way to send such a kind of URL. Sometimes even messengers, blogs and forums don't support these monstrously long links. Get a good looking URL with help and place your link anywhere you want. is the best replacement for

Unfortunately, the beloving Google service is unavailable nowadays and clck ru is not available in some regions. But there is always as the best option.Our service gives you the ability:
- to create a really small URL
- to get statistics
- to contact tech. support if it's needed
- to use the shortened link without a time limit.
Besides, our service support https protocol.
Server management and technical support of the short link service is provided by

Our online short link generator is absolutely free.

You can use this amazing tool for free. generator — is the service created by The main activity of the company is still providing high–quality premium hosting services and powerful VPS and everything else that needed for all internet projects.

Frequently Asked Questions:
  • 💡 What is a short URL?

    A short link is a full analog of a standard URL link, but unlike the common link, it consists of only a few characters. For example, is similar to the link There is no matter how long the final URL will be, its shortened version will still consist of 3-5 characters.
  • 📌 How to shorten the link?

    Just follow the link and, copy the link you want to shorten, and click CUT. And you will get a shortened version of your link.
  • 🎓 Why do I need to shorten links?

    It is a widespread thing that the links from internet shops or news sites are enormously long. They are very long for messengers and you can't even paste them on your social media pages. Long links often break and do not lead to the page you need. And link like looks nice, takes you to the correct page, and is very easy to remember.
  • ✏ Can I find click statistics of the link?

    If you need to get full link statistics, just add the “+” at the end of the link
  • 🔎 Is this short links generator is an analog of

    Due to the closure of Google's short links service, there was a need to create an analog with the same level of functionality. Thus, this short link generator was developed.