Character & Word counter

Online tool to calculates the number of characters

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Spaces 0
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    About the character counter.

    Character count is a key metric for text content on the Internet and in print. With letters, numeric characters, and other symbols, the text is formed. The number of characters for copywriters is determined when the payment for work is formed, depending on the cost of 1000 characters without spaces. Our counter was created to check the number of characters in the text. Here you can count characters with or without special characters and signs.

    Word count and stop words density.

    Determining the number of words and frequency is important for any webmaster and site owner. Keyword density per 1,000 characters determines text spamming. Place such text on your site, or place it on a third-party resource - search engines do not treat texts with the content of more than 60% or with a nausea of ​​texts. Any SEO specialist will tell you that the number of keywords should not exceed 5-7 per post (2 thousand characters). You can count the number of words in the text and edit them in our tool.

    What the character count tool from HyperHost can do?

    Standard online programs are created for a certain rate, some count the frequency of words, others the number of characters. Based on feedback from copywriters, we have collected everything you need in one tool.

    • The number of words - the counter display the number of words in the text separated by spaces. You can exclude certain words from the count, such as brand name or keywords.
    • The number of characters is one of the main metrics that allow you to find out how many characters are in the text. You can exclude certain characters, letters, numbers, and symbols.
    • The number of characters without spaces is a key metric for any copywriter or SEO specialist. Usually, spaces occupy 30% of all characters, which can significantly change the result.
    • The number of spaces is the opposite of the previous one, it does not have a significant effect on the quality of the text. But it can be an important factor for fans of "double spaces" (text with two spaces is considered readable). Such text will have twice as much space, and text characters.
    • The amount of numbers - the number of characters denoting numbers in the text. Often, technical requirement excludes the presence of many such characters.
    • Word frequency - you can see how often this or that word is used in the text, it is important to control keywords over spam. Use many keywords and control their number in the text.
    • The “water” in the text - shows how many stop words or secondary words are used in the text.The higher copywriter's skill - the lower the unnecessary information percentage in the text.
    • The number of sentences - shows the number of words separated by a dot or paragraph.
    • Time to read - shows the average time for which the specified text can be read.
    • Text weight - includes the bit system and display the complex weight of each character and the entire text. Calculated on 8-bit and 16-bit systems.
    Frequently Asked Questions:
    • 💧 What rules for watered down text?

      Taking into account the recommendations of SEO specialists and semantic rules, the “water” in the text should not exceed 50-60%. At the same time, different services may show different rates.
    • 🤢 What rate of stop word density is standard?

      It is advisable not to repeat the same words more than 2-3 times per 1000 characters of text. Repeated words (especially stop words) devalue the entire text. For keywords, this rate is even lower - 1 key per 1000 characters. Frequent use of keywords is a sign of text over spam.
    • 🧮 How to count characters, including
      spaces or without?

      Tools generally count characters without spaces. Spaces are not considered since they can occupy 20-30% of the text. For some tasks, special characters and numbers are also not included.
    • ✏ How to count the number of characters in a text?

      To find out the number of characters, letters, words, or numbers in the text, go to the character counter. Paste the text into the empty field. You can also make extra settings for the character count program. The service will calculate the number of characters and will update online when it changes.
    • 🐦 What is the character counter limits?

      We have not set limits on the length of the text that you can insert.
    • 📌 The max. number of characters for social networks

      • Facebook: 63206 characters in one post and 2000 in one message
      • Instagram: 2200 characters in one post
      • Twitter: 280 characters in one tweet
      • Pinterest: 500 characters
      • YouTube: 70 characters in the video title, 5000 characters in the video description
      • Twitch: 150 characters in the description