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How to change my IP?

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A quick way to check your IP

Our tool allows you to quickly verify and determine your IP address. We can check both IPv4 and IPv6 versions. Your ISP can provide you with a dedicated address, or you can use one of your ISP's hundreds of dynamic addresses, you can rent a remote desktop or a virtual server with a desktop, you can rent a VPN or proxy, and in any case there can be even more reasons:

  • Learn IP to configure network connections - knowing your address makes it easier to configure Internet and local network connections;
  • Increase Security - Track your IP to detect unauthorized connections or attacks on your network;
  • Identify an address to bypass blocking - If access to certain resources is blocked, it is possible to use a VPN or proxy server at the router level to bypass such blocking.
  • IP diagnostics for troubleshooting - Often when calling the ISP service, you may be asked for the exact IP, or you can more easily identify yourself to the ISP by clearly stating your address;
  • For remote access by IP - you may need to take control of your home PC to connect to a local folder on it, knowing your IP you can easily accomplish this task.
  • IP To control network devices - routers, network cards, local storage, smart home devices, all of which may require a dedicated IP for operation;
  • IP to monitor network activity - so you can set up filters and monitor traffic coming to the IP you need;
  • Identify IP to create a local server - to create a local server (analogous to a virtual server ) requires a static IP for further connection of users and services;

Regardless of the problem you want to solve Your IP is the basis of the Internet connection, and our free tool will allow you to find out your IP in just 1 click. You will also get information about the geolocation of the address, its remoteness from the point of verification.

Also the tool will allow you to determine the risk level of the IP address and identify the used anonymizers.

Frequently Asked Questions:

From menu Start > Settings > Network and Internet > Ethernet > Properties > IPv4, or click - My IP
From menu Start > Settings > Network and Internet > Wi-Fi > Select your network, under Properties find IPv4, or click - My IP
Call the command line "Win+r" in the opened window type cmd (or Search>cmd). Type the ipconfig command and press Enter. Your ip in the "IPv4 address" line, or click - My IP
Depending on the distribution, use one of the commands:
- ip address show;
- ip addr show;
- ip addr sh;
- ip addr;
- ip a.
or click - My IP
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