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Easy way to check an old or to create a new password

HyperHost's random password generator is a functional and useful tool. You can check the safety level of your password or create a new one. Usually 5 or 8 characters are enough for a high level of security. But if you are using simple words, repeating characters, it is better to create a longer password. This generator allows you to create passwords of any length. 12-16 characters are usually enough, even brute force services will need hundreds of years to pick up such a password. So, you can create both a small password and a really extraordinary one that is impossible to pick up.

Passwords of 8 or more lowercase a-z, uppercase A-Z, numbers, and symbols "#;%" are usually considered as strong passwords. These passwords are hard to keep in mind so, people usually use the same words, but they are written in uppercase and lowercase register, adding some numbers and symbols. Latin letters are used for that usually.

Our service will help you to create not only a random password but also check the existing password for the security level. The system takes into password the length and complexity of the characters. In case of unsatisfactory results, you can add some symbols or completely change your password. You can also tune the password generator and create a password according to your needs.

Our password generator is absolutely free. You can generate an unlimited number of passwords for your accounts on Steam, Facebook, Reddit, or any other site or service.

The advantage of our online password generator is the fact we do not keep your passwords, and each of the passwords is unique. This is the basis of your security.

Frequently Asked Questions:
  • 🔐 What password is considering as secured?

    Passwords of 8 or more lowercase a-z, uppercase A-Z, numbers, and symbols "#;%" are usually considered as secure passwords. These passwords are hard to keep in mind. But there are a lot of password saving services.
  • 🔏 How can I check the security level of the password?

    To do this, simply enter your password in the field of our online tool. A red status bar indicates a weak password, a yellow bar indicates a medium level of security, and a green one indicates a high level of protection.
  • 🔑 How to generate a Password?

    Use one or more keywords with the addition of capital letters, symbols, and numbers if you plan a password to enter regularly. It can also be letter combinations that you remember in a specific way. Any simple abbreviation will be unbearable for you in case of brute force, for example, X1&pS4 (Xbox One $ Play Station 4). If there is no need to remember the password, or you trust your data to the browser, use the random password generation service and forget about the problem forever.
  • 🔓 How secure is it to use password generation services?

    Our password generator creates a random set of characters in your browser. Thus, there is no chance that your password will be saved or accessed by third parties.