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Details about the CSR generator

CSR - Certificate Signing Request - a request to generate a certificate. To generate an SSL certificate for your https protocol, you need to generate a CSR. Any SSL has an external (public part) or CSR and an internal (private part) Private Key. The list of public information about the owner of the certificate is encrypted in the CSR in the format of 1028 or, 2056 bits. To generate a CSR, you must enter the following data:

Domain name - specify the fully domain name for which the certificate is issued in the format: domain + domain zone (example site.com);

Organization name - The full name of the company, legal entity in any format (TOV, LLC, LLC, Ltd, etc.). If you are registering a CSR for an individual, you can also specify your Domain - the main identifier of activity on the network;

Structural unit - the department involved in the registration of SSL in this organization, often uses IT.

City - the full city name;

Region/State - the full name of the region, state, or another territorial unit;

Country - country code (UA, FR, US);

Email address - Your contact email address. More often, they use the mail addresses of an administrator or a technical specialist at the mail of the domain - [email protected]

The accuracy of the information for CSR is your responsibility. For SSL verification level - DV (domain validation) only domain names are verified, for OV/EV domains, each option is verified.

Frequently Asked Questions:
  • How to generate CSR for Wildcard SSL?

    When ordering an SSL Wildcard, enter your domain in the *.site.com format in the "Your domain" field. In other words, you need to add the variable "*." before your domain. You submit the main domain and all subdomains for verification.
  • How to check the accuracy of the generated CSR?

    If you already have a CSR, you can decode it with our CSR decoder. This information is public and available to anyone who has this CSR.
  • What is CSR?

    Certificate Signing Request - a request to sign an SSL certificate. Contains encrypted data about the customer.
  • What characters are prohibited in the CSR?

    Characters not allowed in a certificate signing request - < > ~ ! @ # $ % ^ * / \ ( ) ?.,&