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Why is SSL certificate verification necessary?

SSL certificate has been an important factor in Internet security for the last 10 years. During this time, the security certificate has become a mandatory tool from a simple recommendation. Most browsers won't open sites without SSL. Therefore, each site owner must protect their domain with an SSL certificate.

What our certificate verification service can do

Https protocol on your site means that the certificate is configured and verified, and your domain is accessible via the https protocol. Issuer - the certificate is signed by a verified issuer, you will receive a positive response. If the Certificate is not verified, or the certificate is self-signed, you will be notified about the need to switch to verified SSL. Verification date - the time when the certificate from the certification authority was validated. The higher the level of the validator, the longer the period for which the certificate is signed. The top publisher can even have a period of 20-30 years (usually 10). At the local level, it is possible to sign a certificate for 1-3 years, depending on the publisher. Time until the end of the certificate signing - we recommend purchasing a certificate for the next period if there are less than 30 days left before the end of the SSL signing. Server data - you will get information about the IP address and type of web server (Apache, NGINX)

SSL certificate chain verification details

Separately, you will receive information about the certificate signing chain. The chain consists of root and chains. The root of the chain belongs to the issuer of the certificate, and each link belongs to the certificate authority. Successful verification of the SSL chain can be considered when the certificate issuer of each link matches the verifier of the previous link. In such a chain, each link must also have up-to-date verification dates. If any link is broken, the certificate is considered invalid.

Connect SSL monitoring - do not forget to renew the certificate

It is important not to miss the SSL certificate renewal date. Signing your security certificate is a regular procedure, often an annual one. After the time expires, the site will lose its https connection, so it is important to regularly renew certificates. To do this, fill out the form, specify your email and the date of the reminder. We will send you a reminder email and the current status of your certificate.

Frequently Asked Questions:
  • Causes of SSL Verification Errors?

    Main reasons:
    - SSL is not installed or the validation period has expired;
    - Broken certificate chain;
    - Self-signed certificate.
    Got an error? Write us!
  • What is self-signed SSL?

    A self-signed certificate is a certificate that you have issued to yourself. Technically, such an SSL is valid over HTTPS, but browsers will issue a warning that there is no certificate. Such a certificate can be issued by anyone, even a fraudster. We recommend purchasing only verified SSLs. Or host the Site on a web hosting service with free SSL.