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WHOIS is the easy way to check a domain

What is WHOIS? (pronounced as the phrase "who is") It online service that helps to get information about a domain name. Usually, it is used to get information about the registrar, registrant, and date of the registration of the domain. All the WHOIS information is public and available to everyone.

What information can I get using WHOIS?

  • The registration date, the period of registration, and renewal date. This information is crucially important if you need to know how much time the site is working. Or you might want to buy the taken domain, so you can find the expiration date of the domain.
  • The IP address of the domains hosting provider, the name of the hosting provider or domain registrar.
  • The domain owner name and his contact information. Such information often uses for direct contact with the owner of the domain or site. However, remember this is personal information and should be misused.
  • The domain status. For example, "clientHold" means the domain is suspended so it will not work and "OK" means that everything is fine.
  • Additional information. Such as technical contacts, administrative contacts, abuse contacts, etc. This information may not match the credentials of the domain owner or domain registrar.
WHOIS service provided by HyperHost helps you to find needed information about the domain or IP fast and what is more important, for free. You can enter a domain using http, https or www.

When can I use the WHOIS service?
WHOIS service is often used to find out the domain's or owner's history before purchase. It allows you to find the date of the first registration. All this will allow you to get full information about the site as a whole.

Frequently Asked Questions:
  • ❓ What is WHOIS?

    WHOIS (pronounced as the phrase "who is") is an online service. It is used to search the information about domains or IPs. Just paste the domain or IP in the free field and get all the WHOIS information.
  • 😎 Why can't I find full information sometimes?

    Information about the domain owner may be hidden by Privacy Protection. This service is providing by the domain zone registrar, and all contact details are replacing by the registrar's data.
  • 🔗 How do I know if the needed domain is not available?

    Just paste the domain you need in WHOIS. Just enter the domain you need. If it`s taken, you`ll see the notification about it. Also, you`ll see the information about the domain. In case, there is no such information or notification, you can register the domain here.
  • 📌 What information can I get?

    WHOIS helps you to find all public information about the domain such as:
    • the registration date;
    • the owner of the domain;
    • domain register;
    • domain's status
    and much more
  • ⌛ How to find out the age of the domain?

    Pay attention to the Creation date field. Then do the math and find out how much time the domain exist since the Creation date.