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Detail information about the DNS records checking service

DNS (Domain Name System) is a global system of the domain names, based on the link domain-IP address. This system is based on the resources record system. You can easily find the most necessary DNS records for a domain with the help of this tool. Unlike WHOIS information, DNS records information shows the technical side of a domain more detailed.

You can request the needed DNS record of the domain or get all records and select the one you need for each specific task.

This service works with the following records.

  • A - shows the IPv4 address to which the domain is directed.
  • AAAA - shows the IPv6 address to which the domain is directed.
  • CNAME - (Canonical Name Record) canonical name record, used to create aliases for A and AAAA records.
  • NS - points to the address of the node that is directly responsible for the domain zone.

For example, the hosting provider HyperHost.UA has domain name servers called, etc.

  • MX (mail exchange) maps a domain name to a list of message transfer agents for that domain.
  • PTR - a record with the opposite value to the A and AAAA record, matches the IP address to the hostname.
  • TXT - a text record that does not carry technical information and is used to contain textual information about a domain, often used to confirm domain ownership. Changes in TXT records do not affect the domain zone.
  • SOA - points the name of the server that stores information about this record, confirming the authority of the information.
  • SRV - a service record. It indicates which services and protocols are available on a particular node.
  • HINFO - host information, OS and hardware data.
  • CAA - defines the certification authorities that are entitled to issue an SSL / TLS certificate.
  • NAPTR - often used for Internet telephony applications during work with SIP protocols.
  • ALL - this function is used when requesting all known DNS records for a specific domain.

Frequently Asked Questions:
  • What is domain's DNS records?

    DNS records are domain name's resource records that contain the information about a specific domain on domain name servers. There is a clear list of domain names such as A record, AAAA, NS, CAA, PTR, CNAME, TXT and a few others.
  • How to check DNS records of a domain?

    Use DNS checker tool and enter the domain you are interested in to do this. Here you can select either a specific record or get all available records of the domain name.