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Domain Age Checker

This service allows you to check the age of any registered domain. Domain age is the number of years, months and days from the registration date. Important! The age of the domain is the time of its constant, non-interrupt functioning. For example, if a domain was registered from 2000 till 2010 and then from 2016 till nowadays it means that the age of this domain counts from 2016 till the check date. Only the last registration period counts.

How does this service work?
This domain name checker tool takes the domain registration date as a basis and counts the number of days until the check time. You can do it yourself using WHOIS . All you need to do is take the date from the "created" field and calculate the age yourself.

To know the age of the domain is useful in the next cases:

  • backlink placing, it is important to know the TrustRank of the site and the age of the domain influences its TrustRank.
  • to find if the site is a fraud. Hundreds of domains are registered for a few days just for one-time fraud;
  • buying a site with a working domain, the age of the domain is an important part that determining the value of the site.
In general, this service simplifies the process of finding the age of the domain.