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Licenses Microsoft

Buy a Microsoft Server license and more

The licenses for Windows server 2016/2019

RDP licensing

The official partners of Microsoft licensing center

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Providing official Microsoft licenses

We are providing licenses for Microsoft products with the monthly payment. HyperHost is the official partner of the Microsoft licensing center that why we can provide the latest versions of licenses

You will get 50% off for Windows server license

If you rent our Windows VDS

Microsoft licenses are available to order

OS Windows server
from 15 $ /year
Office Standart
from 17 $ /mth
+1 RDP connection
from 9.5 $ /mth
from 14.5 $ /mth
from 1.5 $ /mth
Visual Studio
from 55 $ /mth
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Couldn't find the right license?

Your operating system image could be installed by experts. Just write to us, we will perform the installation on the basis of advanced administration!

Services for which Microsoft licenses are available

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