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More than just domain registration

WHOIS protection - hide personal data from intruders and enemies
CDN - caches content on 200 servers around the world to quickly open your website from anywhere in the world
Domain certificate - A physical document confirming the fact that a domain has been registered for you with HyperHost
SSL is a security certificate that protects website users from intruders and you from browser and search engine sanctions

Choose national domain zones for your site

Geographical domains are national domains of the world's countries. It includes such domain zones: .ua (Ukraine), .de (Germany), .es (Spain), .kz (Kazakhstan), .pl (Poland) etc. National domains of some countries are often used instead of topical. Domain zones .PR, .ME, .TV, .DJ, .FM can be used not only for sites that are related to these countries. .PR used for websites of advertising agencies, .TV used for television-related resources, .DJ used for musical sites and .FM for radio stations. All countries in the world have their own unique domain zone. The list of these zones very is big. National domains are used, for their direct purpose, in most cases, they mark the country for which the site works. Each zone has its own registration rules and restrictions. There are no such restrictions in other popular domain zones. You need to have a trademark if you want to register a domain in the .ua zone, for example. Or you need to give your passport data to register a domain in zones like .ru and .by. And you need to have German address to register a domain in .do zone. So we highly recommend you to find out about registration rules in the national domain zones before registration of your domain.

We register all the popular geographical domains. If you can't find them, contact us we will help you.

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