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Dedicated server rent

Dedicated server in the USA

We will help with the selection or build a new server on request

We will install software and optimize the server

We provide 24/7 support

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Free dedicated server management - 24/7

Discounts 3%, 5% and even 10% on all servers!

Unlimited bandwidth and high connection speed

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Looking for dedicated server in the United States?

The dedicated server in the USA - is an excellent option if you need a fast connection with visitors/users from the USA. The dedicated server is located in one of the best data centers in the USA. Also, you can save up to 100$ on server management.
If you order a server you will get:

  • free tech support service form our high-qualified tech support team
  • unlimited traffic
  • quick and quality support services 24/7

Interested in price of dedicated server hosting in the USA? You can see the prices list and configurations of dedicated server below.

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Looking For an Exact Server Config?

Just specify the configuration you need and the desired location, we will select the options and offer you the best!

Prices for dedicated servers in servers.content.countries.usa

Choose a location

H4_us1 Intel Xeon E3-1230 v3-v5 8850 32 Gb 2x2000GB SATA3 100 Mb/s California 162.29 $
H4.1_us1 Intel Xeon E3-1230 v3-v5 8850 32 Gb 2x250GB SSD 100 Mb/s California 190.29 $
H6_us1 Intel Xeon E-2136 @ 3.30GHz (6 core) 13564 64 Gb 2x500GB SSD NVME 100 Mb/s Los Angeles 199 $
H4.1_us1 Intel Xeon E3-1230 v3-v5 8850 32 Gb 2x500Gb SSD 100 Mb/s California 162.29 $
Pay in the Right Way
More than 20 payment methods and 3 currencies - it's easy to choose the right one. Do you use several? Change payment methods at least every month
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Deploy the APPs in 1 Click
Install the required Control Panel or Application on the server in 1 click. Need more? Write to us!
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Deploy the APPs in 1 Click image-2-sm
Write in Your Language
We understand the client perfectly and we don't care what language you speak or write code. Be yourself =)
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Frequently Asked Questions

See answers to the most frequently asked questions about our services

Standard configurations listed in the table of physical servers are provided within the first working day, on the day of ordering. Often 1-2 hours from the moment of ordering.

The term of ordering a server can be longer, rri ordering a non-standard configuration:

  • Assembly of the server under the client;
  • Another type of components;
  • Expansion of the server configuration;
  • Another location;

In this case, the time of delivery of the server, will affect logistics (delivery of equipment, server configuration). When ordering a server, check with your manager approximate delivery time. In some cases (force majeure, delays in delivery, changes in customs policy) kitting may take 7-15 days.

Please note! Despite the date of payment, the date of the beginning of the server use will be the actual date of granting the client access to the server. Thus, you will always have at your disposal the period of server usage paid by you. 

When ordering a personal server configuration, refunds are not provided, because often the components are delivered to the customer. From the moment of payment such a server cannot be canceled.

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