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Provide HTTPS connection protocol

Buy SSL certificate for a website

We will install SSL certificate free of charge for our clients

Let's configure HTTPS protocol and 301 redirects

All types available: DV, OV, EV, Code Sign, WildCard, SAN

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Free support and maintenance of SSL issuance

SSLs for the domain, mail and your code

Protecting subdomains and multidomains

Types of SSL security certificates for different tasks

Choose one of the types of security certificates, depending on the level of validation and the ability to protect subdomains

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Configure HTTPS - Free of charge!

We will install a certificate, set up redirects and check HTTPS protocol of your site. Not a HyperHost customer yet? We will perform the installation on a one-time paid basic!

Prices for SSL certificates - buy cheaper!

All validation levels to choose from, as well as certificates to protect domain, email or individual domains

Certificate Name
Center of Validation
Verification Type
Subdomain protection
Price, annually
GoGet SSL goget Domain validation (DV) No 7.5 $ Order
Comodo Positive SSL SALE comodo Domain validation (DV) No
10.4 $
8.19 $ Order
Certum SSL certum Domain validation (DV) No 8.99 $ Order
RapidSSL Standard rapidSSL Domain validation (DV) No 14.1 $ Order
Comodo Essential SSL comodo Domain validation (DV) No 14.18 $ Order
Thawte SSL123 Thawte Domain validation (DV) No 32.07 $ Order
Certum Trusted certum Organization validation (ОV) No 39.95 $ Order
Comodo InstantSSL comodo Organization validation (ОV) No 42.88 $ Order
Comodo SSL Certificate comodo Domain validation (DV) No 48 $ Order
Comodo InstantSSL Pro comodo Organization validation (ОV) No 54.28 $ Order
Comodo InstantSSL Premium comodo Extended validation (ЕV) No 69.29 $ Order
Comodo PositiveSSL Multi Domain UCC SAN SSL comodo Domain validation (DV) No 74.57 $ Order
GoGetSSL Wildcard certum Domain validation (DV) Yes 75.5 $ Order
Certum Wildcard goget Domain validation (DV) Yes 75.77 $ Order
GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium GeoTrust Domain validation (DV) No 80.17 $ Order
Comodo Positive SSL Wildcard comodo Domain validation (DV) Yes 85 $ Order
Comodo Essential Wildcard SSL comodo Domain validation (DV) Yes 95.42 $ Order
GeoTrust True B OV GeoTrust Organization validation (ОV) No 96.89 $ Order
Thawte SSL SAN Thawte Organization validation (ОV) No 108 $ Order
RapidSSL WildCard rapidssl Domain validation (DV) Yes 121.5 $ Order
Certum Premium EV certum Extended validation (ЕV) No 125.77 $ Order
Comodo EV SSL Cert. comodo Extended validation (ЕV) No 139.77 $ Order
Comodo Unified Communications comodo Organization validation (ОV) No 150.33 $ Order
Comodo Multi Domain Certificate comodo Organization validation (ОV) No 156.14 $ Order
GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium SAN GeoTrust Organization validation (ОV) No 190 $ Order
Comodo Premium Wildcard comodo Organization validation (ОV) Yes 201.26 $ Order
Thawte Code Signing Thawte Organization validation (ОV) No 212.5 $ Order
Thawte Code Signing SSL for Individuals Thawte Organization validation (ОV) No 212.5 $ Order
GeoTrust True EV GeoTrust Extended validation (ЕV) No 234.91 $ Order
Thawte Web Server EV Thawte Extended validation (ЕV) No 251.67 $ Order
Thawte 123 Wildcard Thawte Domain validation (DV) Yes 275 $ Order
GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium Wildcard GeoTrust Domain validation (DV) Yes 297 $ Order
Comodo Multi Domain Wildcard SSL comodo Organization validation (ОV) Yes 306.67 $ Order
Comodo EV Multi Domain comodo Extended validation (ЕV) No 327.94 $ Order
GeoTrust True BusinessID Wildcard GeoTrust Organization validation (ОV) Yes 330 $ Order
GeoTrust TrueBusinessID Multi Domain GeoTrust Organization validation (ОV) No 350.42 $ Order
Symantec Secure Site symantec Organization validation (ОV) No 372.86 $ Order
Thawte Webserver Wildcard Thawte Extended validation (ЕV) Yes 450.12 $ Order
Symantec Code Signing symantec Organization validation (ОV) No 462.5 $ Order
GeoTrust TrueBusinessID EV Multi Domain GeoTrust Extended validation (ЕV) No 481 $ Order
Comodo Code Signing SSL comodo Organization validation (ОV) No 495 $ Order
Symantec Secure Site Pro symantec Extended validation (ЕV) No 825 $ Order
Symantec Secure Site EV symantec Extended validation (ЕV) No 957.76 $ Order
Symantec Secure Site Pro EV symantec Extended validation (ЕV) No 1453.33 $ Order
Symantec Secure Site Wildcard symantec Organization validation (ОV) Yes 1815 $ Order
Symantec Secure Site PRO Wildcard symantec Organization validation (ОV) Yes 4942.3 $ Order
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Help with SSL selection and installation

Don't know which certificate you need or need help with installation? Just write to us in the chat on the site or to [email protected] - we will help you to choose and install a certificate on any hosting.

SSL for a website to secure HTTPS protocol to a domain

SSL certificate cost - what does the price depend on

SSL certificate price depends on several factors: - validation level - OV, DV, EV means the degree of validation of the certificate. The higher the level of validation, the higher the price of SSL certificate will be. The cheapest certificates of DV level, the most expensive EV. But also for the highest validation level you will need documents and a contact person to set up and validate HTTPS certificate. - Protection of subdomains - the so-called Wildcard, in which the protection extends not only to the main domain itself, but also to all its subdomains. Wildcard SSL certificates are more expensive but fulfil the function of subdomain protection. - type of certificate - there are special certificates (Code Sign, Email Sign), such certificates protect software code or mail, the price of such certificates varies and depends on the specific task.

HTTPS certificates in Ukraine

In Ukraine there is no legal requirement to provide sites with HTTPS protocol, but most browsers will not display the site without SSL protocol, and search engines will lower your sites in the output. Today it is impossible to ensure competition in the Ukrainian market of your site without an SSL certificate. Taking into account the small price, the certificate of site security is simply must be on your site. Remember that such certificates not only encrypt data but also can help to confirm your ownership of the site even in the Ukrainian legislation.

Buying SSL from HyperHost - what you need to know

Ordering an SSL certificate is really not a difficult task. All you need to do is choose the type of validation you want and select a certificate. If you order the simplest type of validation at the domain level (dv), you only need your email and access to your domain. After ordering the certificate you will need to confirm the order at your mailbox and after a short time you will receive your certificate files. In case of extended organisation level validation, you will need to confirm your company or organisation. You will need to prepare a package of documents and a contact person for prompt issuance of the certificate.

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