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The list of international domains
Domain nameWhoIs Privacy?Option to hide an info about the domain ownerAvailabilityPrice, annuallyMax period?Max period of time on which a domain can be registeredloader
.aero No Accessible
10 Details
.asia No Accessible
1 Details
.biz Yes Accessible
10 Details No Accessible
1 Details
.comIDNAn opportunity to use national language in the domain name Yes Accessible
10 Details
.eu No Accessible
1 Details No Accessible
10 Details
.info No Accessible
10 Details
.international No Accessible
10 Details
.nameIDNAn opportunity to use national language in the domain name Yes Accessible
10 Details
.netIDNAn opportunity to use national language in the domain name Yes Accessible
10 Details
.online No Accessible
1 Details
.orgIDNAn opportunity to use national language in the domain name Yes Accessible
10 Details
.pro No Accessible
10 Details No Accessible
10 Details
.site No Accessible
1 Details
.xyz No Accessible
1 Details
.сайтIDNAn opportunity to use national language in the domain name No Accessible
2 Details

The most popular domain zones in the world

International domain zones - are one of the most popular and needed zones in the world, so it is hard to find available names in these zones. We offer you to register a domain in these popular international zones in a few clicks, including such zones as .com, .org and .net. You can find the full list of the international domain zones on our site and pick the most suitable one for your project.

International domains are very popular among user all over the world. It caused to the fact that international zones look more trustful. You should buy a domain in these zones if the audience of your site doesn't belong to one geographic region. You can use national domain zones if your audience only from one country.

International domains are classified as gTLD domains (Generic Top Level Domain). These are top-level domains targeted for users all over the world. The most popular gTLD zones, .org, .net, .org, .edu, .gov, .biz, .info, .name, .pro. If you have any doubts while choosing a domain contact HyperHost experts, we will be glad to help you. We have ten years of experience and can help you to choose the best available domain name for you. The registration process is fast. The price of gTLD zones is affordable enough. The domain is registered directly on the registrant’s name so you will become the owner of the domain in the international domain zone. Also, you can get a free domain in zones .com and .net if you buy shared hosting plan for six months or more (terms applied to Basic, Comfort, and Pro plans). The list of international domains includes topical domains as well. There are a lot of available domains in these zones. For example, you can order a domain name in the zones blog, .academy, .bar, .credit, .gallery, .expert, .guru, .technology, .today and many others great names for your site.

Frequently Asked Questions:
  • 💡 What is Domain?

    The domain is a unique address of the site on the Net. Each site has its own name which is used by its users to find it. So, if you are going to create a website, the domain registering is a must. Each domain name is unique and belongs only to one site. The domain includes the name of the site and the domain zone.
  • 📌 What kinds of Domains are?

    There are a lot of different classifications. We divide them into the next groups Popular DomainsCheap DomainsUkrainian DomainsNational DomainsInternational Domains
  • 🎁 How can I get a Domain for FREE?

    We register domains in zones .com .net .ru - for FREE if you purchase hosting for six months or more.The promotion can be applied to all shared hosting plans except Mini. See all the ongoing promotions of the hosting provider
  • ♾ How can I buy the Domain for eternity?

    Unfortunately, it's impossible. You can only rent the domain you need. The best way is to register it for a long period, 3-5 years or even 10 years. This is a good sign for search engines as well. It tells that your site has a long term perspective.
  • 🚫 What does the Domain status "Taken" mean??

    If you see such status of the wanted domain, it means that someone has already registered it. The domain name may be available in another domain zone (the entire list is provided in the table). Also, you can try to choose a different domain name for your site.
  • 🎓 Does the domain zone affect anything?

    In most cases, there is no difference at all. Everything depends on your preferences. We can help you to choose the domain. Just contact us via chat or ticket system.
  • 📥 How can I transfer my Domain?

    If you want to change the domain registrar, you need to provide a transfer code (EPP-code) for domain transfer. You can get this code from your current domain registrar. More details here.
  • 💲What affects on the Domain price?

    The upper domain registrar sets all prices. Each domain zone has its own price. The number of symbols does not affect the price. You can get up to 15% OFF. The longer the payment period, the more you save.
  • ✏Does the cost of domain registration and renewal is the same?

    Many companies intentionally set a low registration price but significantly overcharge the domain renewals. We have the same registration and renewal price. Low prices are achieved by direct cooperation with the registrar. This is the basis of long-term and honest relationships.
  • Check more info in Wiki
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