Lifetime hosting for only one payment

Make one payment and get free hosting forever

Free site migration without data loss
Free SSL with auto-renewal
Free domain in domain zones .com .net .ru
11 years of experience

Doing our job since 2009

No more payments

Pay once host forever

Choose the lifetime shared hosting service

No more annoying invoices and monthly payments

LifeTime Mini
Get 1 GB SSD Place 1 sites
  • Free SSL
  • Site builder
  • Daily backups
  • Free CDN
LifeTime Basic
Get 3 GB SSD Place 3 sites
  • Free SSL
  • Site builder
  • Daily backups
  • Free domain
  • Free CDN
LifeTime Comfort
Get 10 GB SSD Place 7 sites
  • Free SSL
  • Site builder
  • Daily backups
  • Free domain
  • Free CDN

Buy eternal hosting - register a free domain.

Single payment gives you LifeTime free hosting, domain and CDN

Available location
  • Ukraine
The first in Ukraine plans of perpetual hosting with one-time payment
Use any payment methodPaymant methods 43 payment methods and 3 currencies are available. You can easily find the one that matches your needs. Do you use a few payment system? Change the payment method each months.

Details of lifetime hosting tariffs from HyperHost

Lifetime Hosting service from HyperHost lets you pay only one time and use the service for free as long as you need it. It differs from ordinal paid hosting it has no next payment date. Lifetime service also has a lot of obvious advantages:

  • No more payment reminders
  • You shall not miss your payment and lose all of your data.
  • Long term projects will not make any discomfort

We've implemented eternal hosting services as an answer to the market's demand. Most of our clients configure their sites only once during the launch of their sites. So they don't need constant technical support and any additional investments. Of course, we provide full technical support for lifetime hosting services if it's needed. The technical support will be provided as usual for 3 years. This time is enough to configure, optimize, and provide the permanent functioning of the project. You will be able to order the technical support for the symbolical price of your service after 3 years. You should agree that it is a great opportunity to solve the problem of hosting your project once and for all.

We are the first hosting provider located in Ukraine that offers lifetime hosting services. We decided to make these services as flexible as possible. You need more resources, don't you? Just rent an additional disk space or addon domains. You can add more or get rid of these additional resources if you don't need them anymore. On an ongoing basis, you can upgrade to a more powerful eternal hosting plan with a discount. Our 10 years of experience helps us to understand the fact that most of the projects need a specific amount of resources.

Also, we want to pay your attention that the price of LifeTime hosting plan will not be changed. We are working for more than 10 years and we have customers bought hosting services 1-2 and 5 years ago still work on the same conditions and at the same prices. Of course, we are implementing new service plans, and perhaps over time, we will show you new configurations of the eternal hosting. But now you can pay 1 time and use hosting for free for an unlimited time.

Frequently Asked Questions:
  • ❓ What if my lifetime service plan is not enough for me?

    You can add or remove additional resources - as needed. Additional resources are charged under common terms. You can additionally buy:
    • - Disc space
    • - Addon Domains
    • - Dedicated IP-address
    Also, you can change your lifetime service plan, just pay the price of the new one.
  • πŸ“ŒCan the lifetime plan be changed into an ordinal, paid plan?

    Your lifetime hosting won't become ordinal paid hosting. But you can always order other services and additional resources.
  • πŸ”§ Do you provide technical support for eternal hosting?

    We provide technical support and consultations for all eternal hosting plans for the next 3 years. This time is enough to optimize and ensure the stability of any project. After 3 years, support is provided on a free hosting basis. It is also possible to buy the advanced technical support service. The cost of the support depends on the plan.
  • πŸ’² How much it costs to change the plan?

    There is a 20% off for clients who were using the service for less than 3 years and 10% off for clients who were using the service for more than 3 years. These discounts are available for both changing in lifetime plans, so as for regular paid plans
  • ♾️ What the point in a lifetime hosting service?

    We defined 5 main things during our work
    1. Lots of projects are configured once and no longer require attention;
    2. Non-commercial projects are closing websites due to lack of constant funding
    3. Clients spend a lot of time on registration of monthly payments, financial acts, etc.
    4. There is a possibility to forget to renew hosting and lose all the data
    5. Regular customers want to pay for hosting for the longest period
    Lifetime plans fix all these and many other issues easily.
  • πŸ”‹ What is the real duration of the lifetime service?

    You buy a login and a password to the hosting service once and have the right to use it as much as you need it. We have been working for more than 10 years. Some of our clients have been with us from the first day of work others are just loading their site. But we are not going to stop.
  • πŸ”— Can I give my lifetime service to other clients?

    Lifetime service cannot be transferred to anyone. It's bounded to your account.
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