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You can

check and buy a domain - the domain zone, that is very popular in Spain. The domain is recommended to the sites that belong to Spain or containing similar information: for the Spanish companies and individuals who enters its market and, naturally for all who want to registrater own domain in this zone. If you offer some goods or you provide services in Spain, you should register the domain for successful growing of your business.

, or any other popular domain name.

The domain registration

will take only few minutes. It`ll give you an opportunity to get a unique domain name for your project in short terms.

  • Characteristics
  • • Prolongation price (12 months), $ 22.00.
    • Minimal registration period, months. 12
    • Possibility of IDN registration
    • Minimum length of a domain, chars 3
    • Maximum length of a domain, chars 63

Domain name registration takes only a few minutes after the payment of the invoice. After registration it is required from 8 to 72 hours to update nameservers worldwide.

IDN - domain names that do not contain the letters of the Latin alphabet. In this case, the domain can be in the form - новості.укр. It is also the addresses of non-Latin letters in conjunction with classical domain, for example: новості.ua.

A lot of domains, such as .com, .net, .su, .info, support the possibility of IDN.

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