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Domain .IN.UA

Buy domains in the .in.ua zone

The .in.ua domain area is a part of the .ua zone and is intended for use by private persons or individual entrepreneurs to fulfill their needs in self-expression, business, social communication and so on.

13.67 $ /year
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12.11 $ /year

Details of .in.ua domain registration

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.in.ua registration period
Max. period - 1 years, mini. period - 1 year
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Length of the domain .in.ua
Minimum - 3 characters, maximum - 63 characters
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Data protection (WHOIS)
The domain has the option to close Whois data
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Cyrillic (IDN) support
The domain zone supports registration in Cyrillic alphabet

.in.ua domain for own website used by

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How to register a .in.ua domain?

Maria client manager
Maria client manager
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Choose a .in.ua domain name

Choose a name for your site yourself, or use the AI domain name generator.
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Check out the .in.ua domain

Enter the selected name in the .in.ua domain entry field, or check all domain zones
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Registration of .in.ua domain

Select a free domain name and proceed directly to register a new domain
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We Can Help You Choose a Domain

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Domain .in.ua price

Compared to other domain name registrars

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Domain .in.ua registration for 1 year
12.11 $
13.13 $
13.06 $
12.49 $
Domain .in.ua renewal for 1 year
12.11 $
13.13 $
13.06 $
12.49 $
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Monthly price
12.11 $
Domain renewal
12.11 $
13.13 $
13.13 $
13.06 $
13.06 $
12.49 $
12.49 $

Registration in other domain zones is available

Domain .net
from 19.45 $ /year
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from 15.45 $ /year
Domain .com.ua
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.in.ua Domain selection - who needs it, how to buy it

Domain .in.ua what does it mean?

.in.ua - a domain zone of the third level for general purpose in Ukraine. It is perfectly suited for blogs and forums which provide an activity on Ukrainian territory and for all the citizens.

Any individuals or the organizations can register and prolong the .in.ua domain. Originally the domain was entered as the Ukrainian analog of the .name domain. Its low price and trouble-free registration made this domain popular. .in.ua - is the excellent decision for the promotion of goods and services on the Ukrainian market.

Why rent a domain in the .in.ua?

Electronic site name with domain extension .in.ua is a great way to express yourself in any of the subject areas - private commerce, science and technology, literary creativity and many other areas of knowledge. It is also a good way to expand your circle of friends and acquaintances due to the coincidence of common interests.  A site in the domain area .in.ua can help to realize your opportunities in the following areas of business, creativity or personal interests:  

  • Development of a social Internet network of the national level;
  • Personal blog with a description of methods of learning to play the guitar and other stringed instruments;
  • As an electronic name of the site of a private kennel for pets;
  • An individual Ukrainian entrepreneur can register the domain of landings to ensure the growth of sales of their products;
  • As the web address of the site of the Ukrainian forum of motorcycle technology lovers;
  • Internet site names for gardeners and amateur gardeners; 
  • As a business card site of FOP, engaged in the cultivation of cattle;        
  • The main domain for the website of a jewelry workshop specializing in diamond processing;
  • Website name for the website of a literary online newspaper for publishing essays of poetry and prose.

Websites domain area .in.ua a little "closer to the people" than others due to the fact that, as a rule, their owners are ordinary citizens looking for an outlet for their energy. Therefore, such resources can easily interest different groups of people with their suggestions, advice or simply interesting information. This means that their potential to expand the audience of visitors is virtually unlimited. The domain zone supports the use of international characters in the name of the site, which has a positive effect on its potential.

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More than just domain registration

WHOIS protection - hide personal data from intruders and enemies
CDN - caches content on 200 servers around the world to quickly open your website from anywhere in the world
Domain certificate - A physical document confirming the fact that a domain has been registered for you with HyperHost
SSL is a security certificate that protects website users from intruders and you from browser and search engine sanctions

Additional services from HyperHost company

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CDN Caching
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Privacy Protection
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Domain certificate
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