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Интересный факт
Интересный факт
Появление Интернет-браузера было инициировано снятием ограничений на размещение рекламы в 1991 году. Тогда стало появляться большое количество сайтов.

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check and buy a domain - is a domain zone of Poland, that is sent first of aim is to promote and develop MASS-MEDIA in Eastern Europe. The domain can be register by companies, individuals and creative people that want to attract the attention of a universal audience to the project in Network. The registration is accessible for all people that are interested.You can interested new visitors by using zone.

, or any other popular domain name.

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will take only few minutes. It`ll give you an opportunity to get a unique domain name for your project in short terms.

  • Characteristics
  • • Prolongation price (12 months), $ 38.26.
    • Minimal registration period, months. 12
    • Possibility of IDN registration
    • Minimum length of a domain, chars 3
    • Maximum length of a domain, chars 63

Domain name registration takes only a few minutes after the payment of the invoice. After registration it is required from 8 to 72 hours to update nameservers worldwide.

IDN - domain names that do not contain the letters of the Latin alphabet. In this case, the domain can be in the form - новості.укр. It is also the addresses of non-Latin letters in conjunction with classical domain, for example: новості.ua.

A lot of domains, such as .com, .net, .su, .info, support the possibility of IDN.

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