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What are the terms of getting the virtual server for FREE ?

To receive the service on a free basis, your site must meet a few simple requirements. Theme of the site For free services on a free basis, your site is guilty of a lot of forgiveness.
Site subject:

  • Website development
  • Internet Marketing
  • CEO
  • Internet or Hi-tech

We`r Ready to consider other areas and topics on an individual basis

For some reason the site doesn't fit the terms?

We offer Buy VPS only from 2,92 USD/month with 10% discount by promo code: promo_10

Does the project comply with the rules? Apply for hosting!

After our confirmation of the issuance of a free plan, you will need to:

  • Place a link to HyperHost hosting on your website
  • Become a member of our Facebook group and repost one of the proposed posts
  • Submit a document confirming your identity

Important! The service is NOT provided to projects that violate the Legislation of Ukraine and the rules of our Hosting. The service is not provided for game projects (MineCraft, WOW, SAMP, etc.), commercial mining projects and Forex

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