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Dedicated server rent

Dedicated servers in Asia

We will help with the selection or build a new server on request

We will install software and optimize the server

We provide 24/7 support

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Free dedicated server management - 24/7

Discounts 3%, 5% and even 10% on all servers!

Unlimited bandwidth and high connection speed

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Rent a remote server in an Asian country

Buy access to a physical server in Asia to quickly connect with customers from the Middle East, Asia, and the South. Dedicated servers in Singapore with a gigabit channel will allow you to set up traffic transfer or host a website or application aimed at users from the east. Renting a server in Singapore will provide fast connections to China, Indonesia, India, and Japan. Set up a server for your website, telephony, or remote desktop at a reasonable cost.

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Looking For an Exact Server Config?

Just specify the configuration you need and the desired location, we will select the options and offer you the best!

Prices for dedicated servers in Asia

Choose a location

Pay in the Right Way
More than 20 payment methods and 3 currencies - it's easy to choose the right one. Do you use several? Change payment methods at least every month
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Deploy the APPs in 1 Click
Install the required Control Panel or Application on the server in 1 click. Need more? Write to us!
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Write in Your Language
We understand the client perfectly and we don't care what language you speak or write code. Be yourself =)
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