Thawte Webserver Wildcard

safety certificate by Thawte

For private site, forum, personal blog
571.65 $/year
Today only:
450.12 $/year

How to get Thawte Webserver Wildcard

Mariaclient manager
Maria client manager
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SSL Ordering

Just order the chosen certificate and pay the invoice, which will be sent to your mail and personal cabinet
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SSL verification

Wait for feedback from the manager, you may need additional verification depending on the type of SSL validation
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SSL issuance

Once your certificate is validated, we will install SSL for free, or provide you with certificate files for installation
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Buy Certificate Thawte Webserver Wildcard

We are ready to start issuing your safety certificate. Just a few clicks and your project is in safe!

More details about Thawte Webserver Wildcard

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Verification Type
Verification at the extended level, which corresponds to the EV category
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Insurance of the certificate
This certificate does not provide for an insured amount
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Level of Trust to the Certificate
This certificate meets the top level of trust
Сannonball benefitIcon that heads the block with benefitsIDN
Subdomains protection
This certificate support subdomain protection
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Configure HTTPS - Free of charge!

We will install a certificate, set up redirects and check HTTPS protocol of your site. Not a HyperHost customer yet? We will perform the installation on a one-time paid basic!

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Free SSL to all hosting customers

Order any hosting plan and get a free Lets Encrypt SSL certificate

Order Thawte Webserver Wildcard at HyperHost

Thawte Webserver Wildcard- is a high-level certificate, that fits for financial companies or big online store. It offers unlimited subdomains protection. The registration of Thawte Webserver Wildcard is available only for legal entities. The certificate is universal and can be used for different purposes. It will prove your company reputation.

Thawte SSL Web Server Wildcard – uses the high encryption level - 128 or 256 bit, depending on the client#039;s web browser. It proves the company identity and its reputation. To get the certificate you need to pass: domain validation and company#039;s documents validation. So don`t forget to prepare all documents. If you order Thawte Webserver Wildcard you`ll care about your customer#039;s security on your website. The certificate is issued quickly and protects all your website subdomains.

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