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.рф - the national Cyrillic domain will fit for the site of any orientation: online store, site business card, forum, blog etc. The domain is favorable for the Russian-speaking sites focused on Russian-speaking audience. In this domain name it is possible to use any Russian letters of the alphabet that facilitates a memorability of the name of the site and its writing. It is the first in the Network domain that was written on Cyrillic. The domain zone .рф will provide constant attention of visitors to your site. Open registration in the .рф zone has been started in 2010.
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Rates: 89
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74.99 $
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Renew price (annually)
67.36 $
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67.36 $
Minimal registration period 1 year
Maximum registration period 1 year
Other language support (IDN) Yes
The minimal length, symbols 3
The minimal length, symbols 63
Domain Privacy (WHOIS) No
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