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.укр- the national domain of the top-level in Ukraine written on Cyrillic. Note, that in the name Latin symbols aren't allowed.

The domain is available in open registration and not depend on nationality.

The suits for the promotion of goods and services on television and radio as it is well perceived on hearing and is quick enough to remember. The domain zone is new therefore it is possible to register a lot of beautiful and original names for the websites.

Rank: 9.22 from 10
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Rates: 1356

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The details about the domain registration .укр

Price on registration .укр
Hot price:
Info about the domain
Renew price (annually)
Transfer price (for 1 year)
Minimal registration period1 year
Maximum registration period10 years
Other language support (IDN) Yes
The minimal length, symbols3
The minimal length, symbols63
Domain Privacy (WHOIS) No
The registration is available in other domain zones
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Frequently Asked Questions:
  • 📌 What kinds of Domains are?

    There are a lot of different classifications. We divide them into the next groups Popular DomainsCheap DomainsUkrainian DomainsNational DomainsInternational Domains
  • $ How much the domain costs in the zone .укр

    The register, renewal, and transfer prices of the domain are the same:
    $ 7.27 USD/year
    ₴ 207.20 UAH/year
    € 6.25 EUR/year
    ₽ 523.44 RUR/year
  • 📎 How to register the domain?

    Follow the link, in the free field enter the name of the domain you need, and press "Check domain" or Enter. The system will tell if the domain is free and offer hundreds of free options.
  • 🕒What is the maximum registration period in the zone .укр?

    The maximum domain registration period- 10 years The minimum domain registration period - 1 year
  • 🎁 How can I get a Domain for FREE?

    We register domains in zones .com .net .ru - for FREE if you purchase hosting for six months or more.The promotion can be applied to all shared hosting plans except Mini. See all the ongoing promotions of the hosting provider
  • 🎓 Does the domain zone .укр maintain national symbols?

    Maintenance (IDN) - Yes
    The maintenance of Cyrillic or other national characters is indicated as (Internationalized Domain Names — IDN)
  • 🚫 What does the Domain status "Taken" mean??

    If you see such status of the wanted domain, it means that someone has already registered it. The domain name may be available in another domain zone (the entire list is provided in the table). Also, you can try to choose a different domain name for your site.
  • Check more info in Wiki
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