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.ACADEMY - the domain zone connected with education and created for educational websites. This domain zone can be used by an educational institution or private courses all over the world. Also, this domain zone will fit for students and lectors. The specific of a website in this domain is clear and the domain in this zone is easy to remember. The domain is closely connected with science and education, so using it you`ll attract a wide audience. The domain zone .ACADEMY is a good choice for projects of different complexity. .BAR - the domain zone that can use for websites connected with sushi-bar, grill-bar beer bar and etc. The domain can be used for fast food or restaurant. The domain in this zone helps to identify your activity. and differ you from your competitors. The domain is quite new, so there are many free names left. Harry up, and find the perfect one for you! .COFFEE - the domain zone for all who work in a coffee industry. If your website connected with the coffee and you want to attract new audience choose a domain in this zone. The registration is opened for everyone and there are no any limits on domain name registration. Hurry up and choose the best domain name in this zone for your website. This domain was created for topics related to coffee and coffee business.
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Minimal registration period1 year
Maximum registration period10 years
Other language support (IDN) No
The minimal length, symbols3
The minimal length, symbols63
Domain Privacy (WHOIS) No

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