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Domain .BIZ

Buy domains in the .biz zone

.biz is a generic top-level domain that defines the domain names for business websites of any country and economic segment.

23.68 $ /year
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22.35 $ /year

Details of .biz domain registration

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.biz registration period
Max. period - 10 years, mini. period - 1 year
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Length of the domain .biz
Minimum - 3 characters, maximum - 63 characters
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Data protection (WHOIS)
The domain has the option to close Whois data
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Cyrillic (IDN) support
The domain zone does not supports registration in Cyrillic alphabet

How to register a .biz domain?

Maria client manager
Maria client manager
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Choose a .biz domain name

Choose a name for your site yourself, or use the AI domain name generator.
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Check out the .biz domain

Enter the selected name in the .biz domain entry field, or check all domain zones
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Registration of .biz domain

Select a free domain name and proceed directly to register a new domain
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We Can Help You Choose a Domain

Can't decide on a name or domain zone? Write to us in Chat on the website, email us at [email protected], or ask the artificial intelligence.

Domain .biz price

Compared to other domain name registrars

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Domain .biz registration for 1 year
22.35 $
26.99 $
31.57 $
22.39 $
Domain .biz renewal for 1 year
22.35 $
26.99 $
31.57 $
22.39 $
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Monthly price
22.35 $
Domain renewal
22.35 $
26.99 $
26.99 $
31.57 $
31.57 $
22.39 $
22.39 $

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.biz Domain selection - who needs it, how to buy it

What does the biz domain mean

.biz - is a domain of the top-level. It was created in 2001, as an alternative .com, .net and .org. It is needed to notice, an alternative is successful. The large business accepted an innovation with great interest. This domain gives befits for both the large companies, that wishes to underline the place in large business, and for small once, that just planning to get a success.

Websites with the .biz domain extension provide every company with a wide range of opportunities to create its Internet representation in the network and conduct online business without large financial investments. After all, as you know, the cost of advertising campaign in the network is much lower than the solution of the same tasks in offline mode. Thus, the site becomes a kind of gateway for a business to enter the global and / or national markets.

Who is suitable for renting a domain in the .biz zone

The name of the site in the network with a domain extension .biz shows its undoubted belonging to the commercial sector of the economy, aimed at maximizing profits. The use of such sites is appropriate for a number of tasks - to get online representation of the company in the network, budget advertising campaign, search for business partners, expanding the customer base.  These are the main objectives and should be achieved by applying strategies for the use of domain name. You can offer the following options for using a domain name for your site: 

- The main domain of the national network of car dealerships of European car brands;  

- The Internet representation of a national travel operator;

- An insurance company can register a landing domain to expand the sales market for its services - auto insurance, real estate insurance, etc.;

- Website name of a printing company to create a catalog of its works - business cards, greeting cards, designer logos, etc.;

- As a business card site of a Real Estate Agent engaged in appraising the value of homes on the secondary real estate market;  

- As the web address of the site of an online store of antiques - paintings, books, statuettes, sculptures, coins, etc..;

- The name of the website of a real estate company providing services on the commodity and stock exchanges;

- Personal blog with a review of the legislative base for registration and work of an individual entrepreneur;

- As the electronic name of the site of the Ukrainian holding company for trading in oil and oil products.

Terms and features of .biz domain registration

The domain zone was launched in 2001 and is one of the main top-level domain zones. The Registrar and Administrator of the zone is Neuleve company together with NeuStar company, which has about 90% of shares. They control the correct completion of the domain registry.  

To buy a domain name, it is enough to place an order on our website, using the software tools we provide. It is available to everyone - individual entrepreneur, enterprise or commercial firm. There are no additional requirements for registration. 

The chosen name must be correct and not violate anyone's rights.  

We will answer all your questions in our 24 / 7 chat.

hyperhost domain cert

More than just domain registration

WHOIS protection - hide personal data from intruders and enemies
CDN - caches content on 200 servers around the world to quickly open your website from anywhere in the world
Domain certificate - A physical document confirming the fact that a domain has been registered for you with HyperHost
SSL is a security certificate that protects website users from intruders and you from browser and search engine sanctions

Additional services from HyperHost company

from 7.5 $ /year
CDN Caching
from 12 $ /year
Privacy Protection
4 $
Domain certificate
10 $
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