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.bz - is a national domain of Belize (Central America). First of all, this domain is used by tourist companies, because tourism one of the most profitable directions in Belize. It is possible to create commercial websites as well as trip sales or educational portals about sights of the resort. The domain zone name coincides with the abbreviation of Italian province Bolzano. There are many Italian websites that are situated on domains the second level in a zone .bz. Also, some servers of the game of BZFlagin is registered in the zone .bz. The domain zone .bz will become a wonderful addition to your project in Network.
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Rates: 145
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39.32 $
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39.32 $
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55.27 $
Minimal registration period 1 year
Maximum registration period 10
Other language support (IDN) No
The minimal length, symbols 3
The minimal length, symbols 63
Domain Privacy (WHOIS) No
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