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.dj - is a domain zone of Jibuti Republic (East Africa). A domain can be used not only for connection to this region but also for websites about a musical environment, for example, websites of deejays. There is a possibility that necessary domain in a zone .ru is already busy, and in .dj this combination is still free. If you use this original domain your project will be able to go out on a new level and attract visitors all over the world.
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Rates: 1121

The details about the domain registration .dj

Price on registration .dj
195.00 $
Hot price:
Info about the domain
Renew price (annually)
184.21 $
Transfer price (for 1 year)
184.21 $
Minimal registration period 1 year
Maximum registration period 10
Other language support (IDN) No
The minimal length, symbols 3
The minimal length, symbols 63
Domain Privacy (WHOIS) No

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