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Domain .IN

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.in це національний домен Республіки Індія - держави в Південній Азії. Він визначає простір імен для сайтів індійських компаній, корпорацій, громадських організацій або приватних осіб, які можуть бути і нерезидентами.

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Details of .in domain registration

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.in registration period
Max. period - 10 years, mini. period - 1 year
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Length of the domain .in
Minimum - 3 characters, maximum - 63 characters
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Data protection (WHOIS)
The domain has the option to close Whois data
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Cyrillic (IDN) support
The domain zone does not supports registration in Cyrillic alphabet

How to register a .in domain?

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Maria client manager
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Choose a .in domain name

Choose a name for your site yourself, or use the AI domain name generator.
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Check out the .in domain

Enter the selected name in the .in domain entry field, or check all domain zones
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Registration of .in domain

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.in Domain selection - who needs it, how to buy it

.in - is Indian national domain of the top-level. It was created in 1992. The domain can be used for the sites that are related to India.

It is possible to dispose of commercial websites and personal website in this zone. Therefore, a domain zone will good decision if you are planning to place a website for searching for friends and like-minded persons. The domain zone .in is a useful acquisition for your website, also it is a guarantee of stable development.

Websites belonging to the .in domain zone usually arouse undisguised interest not only on the part of business, but also of ordinary people - connoisseurs of ancient Indian traditions and everything related to this country - music, movies, dances, religion, history, etc. They will also interest the traveling part of visitors who want to see with their own eyes the mysterious world of the distant country of South Asia.

Who is suitable for .in domain rental?

The .in domain name is most suitable for outsourcing companies of all industries who are willing to work under reputed global brands in the economic zone of the Republic of India. This is due to several economic conditions, including a large number of available manpower that is needed in both the agricultural sector and the industrial sector of the economy. After all, India is known to rank first in terms of the number of people living in it. The potential of the country allows organizing any kind of business, which is what is used by automobile and other corporations of world renown. Here are some of the ways in which the domain can be utilized to get good economic returns: 

- The main domain of an outsourcing company for smartphone software development;

- A personalized blog for reviewing Indian music and dance from ancient times to the present day;

- The name of the site of HR HR agency for the recruitment of personnel to work in the textile industry;

- As the web address of the International Representative Office of the Ukrainian manufacturer of household appliances;

- As the electronic name of the site of the enterprise - supplier of oil refining products;

- As a business card site of a metallurgical plant for the processing of non-ferrous metals, working on the rights of outsourcing;  

- A representative of a travel company can register a landings domain to search for regional business representatives in India;

- Internet representations of an investment project for the construction of irrigation canals;

- The names of the Internet store of Indian souvenirs made of ivory and mahogany.

Terms and features of .in domain registration

The domain name was put into operation in 1989. Name registrar and domain registry manager - INRegistry organization. Organizer - Indian National Internet Exchange. 

The domain can be purchased by placing an order in a special section of our website. It is available to everyone. There are some additional registration restrictions set by the zone owners: 

There are some restrictions when registering specialized domains.

All illegal activities using domain names that are against the laws of the Republic of India are prohibited.

We are always ready to help in case of any ambiguity or questions. We are online 24 / 7.

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