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lc - the top domain of Saint Lucia (country in the eastern Caribbean Sea). The domain can be used not only for geographical location, it also can be used as the short name of Limited Company - Ltd. This abbreviation makes the domain zone popular among the business owner all over the world. Also, you can use the domain for «library community», «liberty council» and «land cruiser». Choose wisely, because this domain can be a really good way to promote your product in the network.
Rank: 4.54 from 5
Rates: 201
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83 $
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77.94 $
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Renew price (annually)
83 $
Transfer price (for 1 year)
77.94 $
Minimal registration period 1 year
Maximum registration period 10
Other language support (IDN) No
The minimal length, symbols 3
The minimal length, symbols 63
Domain Privacy (WHOIS) No
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