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Domain .LY - Libya

Buy domains in the .ly zone

.ly is the national domain of the State of Libya, located in North Africa. Defines a namespace for sites whose content is directly related to that African country. A non-resident can also be a domain registrant.

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Details of .ly domain registration

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.ly registration period
Max. period - 1 years, mini. period - 1 year
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Length of the domain .ly
Minimum - 3 characters, maximum - 63 characters
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Data protection (WHOIS)
The domain has the option to close Whois data
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Cyrillic (IDN) support
The domain zone does not supports registration in Cyrillic alphabet

How to register a .ly domain?

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Maria client manager
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Choose a .ly domain name

Choose a name for your site yourself, or use the AI domain name generator.
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Check out the .ly domain

Enter the selected name in the .ly domain entry field, or check all domain zones
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Registration of .ly domain

Select a free domain name and proceed directly to register a new domain
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.ly Domain selection - who needs it, how to buy it

What does the .ly domain mean?

.ly - the national domain zone of Libya. The domain was created for projects that are concerned this country. It can be used for commercial or noncomercial websites. The restriction of the domain zone: the websites should not contain a content that goes against the country laws or Islam principles. The domain was created for people of Libya and the neighbor countries.

For many people, websites of the .ly domain zone can become a window into the world of the African desert, impenetrable jungles and enchanting sunsets of the Mediterranean coast. Entrepreneurs will find here promising options for organizing their new business related to oil refining, sheep wool or consumer goods. As a result, such a site will always be in demand on the Internet.

Who is suitable for renting a domain in the .ly zone?

The electronic name of the site in the network of the .ly domain zone can become a virtual entry point into the economic space of Libya, which has rich reserves of oil and natural gas, which has made it the world's largest exporter. In addition to these natural resources, the country is distinguished by favorable climatic conditions, allowing several harvests per year for vegetables and fruits such as potatoes, cabbage, tomatoes, lemons, etc. Among other things, the country has rich reserves of fresh water, the natural source of which is the underground lakes of the Sahara Desert. Here are some of the schemes for using a domain name for effective business development:

• Personal blog describing local traditions of raising sheep and camels to produce quality meat and wool;

• The Consulting Center for Foreign Economic Relations can register a landing domain to represent its interests online;

• The name of the website of a production and trading enterprise for the production of knitted products from sheep wool;

• As the web address of the website of an outsourcing company for the production of technical products based on hydrocarbons (crude oil);

• Name of the website of the Ukrainian company – supplier of Ukrainian-made meat and dairy products;

• As a business card website for a joint Ukrainian-Libyan fish processing enterprise located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea.

In case of non-standard use of a domain, the following options may be suitable:

• The main domain for sites dedicated to poetic works - publishing house, personal blog of the poet, etc. (from lyre - lyre);

• Internet representations of district, city or regional libraries (from lyceum - reading room);

• As an electronic name for the site of an online store selling fiction and poetic literature.

Conditions and features of .ly domain registration

The domain zone was put into operation in 1995. Its Administrator is the Network Information Center Liberia Domain Registration (NIC.LY), which, in particular, monitors compliance with the rules for the distribution of domain names.

You can purchase a domain on our website by filling out a special form on the appropriate page. You can immediately check its availability, that is, find out whether it is free. Registration is available to everyone. The website of the domain zone owner presents a number of requirements regarding the name of the site. Any names may be registered, except those containing:

• Obscene words or phrases that insult religion or politics;

• Words related to gambling or lotteries;

• Contradict the laws of the Libyan State or Islamic morality.

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