Domain - check and register site name at domain zone - the domain of Odessa region and Odessa city. You can register a domain in this zone both as a private person and an entity. You can register only one unique domain in the following domain zones like,, to avoid conflict situations between domain owners. For example, if you want to buy a domain, but the domain is already taken by someone else, in this case, you won't be able to register the domain That's why you need to check if this domain available in zones and before buying. But if you are an owner of the domain in one of this zone, you can register the same domain name in the following zones. is suitable for web resources are targeted on the Ukrainian or regional audience, for example, for the topical site. It is relevant if you provide your services in Odessa city.

Rank: 9.93 from 10
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Rates: 1324

The details about the domain registration

Price on registration
Hot price:
Info about the domain
Renew price (annually)
Transfer price (for 1 year)
Minimal registration period1 year
Maximum registration period10 years
Other language support (IDN) Yes
The minimal length, symbols3
The minimal length, symbols63
Domain Privacy (WHOIS) No

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