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Domain .ORG

Buy domains in the .org zone

Buy a free domain in the .org domain zone and register a beautiful name for your website for a year or more. The cost of registering and renewing a .org domain is identical

17.25 $ /year
Today only:
16.29 $ /year

Details of .org domain registration

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.org registration period
Max. period - 10 years, mini. period - 1 year
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Length of the domain .org
Minimum - 3 characters, maximum - 63 characters
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Data protection (WHOIS)
The domain has the option to close Whois data
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Cyrillic (IDN) support
The domain zone supports registration in Cyrillic alphabet

.org domain for own website used by

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How to register a .org domain?

Maria client manager
Maria client manager
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Choose a .org domain name

Choose a name for your site yourself, or use the AI domain name generator.
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Check out the .org domain

Enter the selected name in the .org domain entry field, or check all domain zones
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Registration of .org domain

Select a free domain name and proceed directly to register a new domain
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We Can Help You Choose a Domain

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Domain .org price

Compared to other domain name registrars

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Domain .org registration for 1 year
16.29 $
24.52 $
20.16 $
21.4 $
Domain .org renewal for 1 year
16.29 $
24.52 $
20.16 $
21.4 $
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Monthly price
16.29 $
Domain renewal
16.29 $
24.52 $
24.52 $
20.16 $
20.16 $
21.4 $
21.4 $

Registration in other domain zones is available

Domain .net
from 19.45 $ /year
Domain .com
from 15.45 $ /year
Domain .com.ua
from 12.55 $ /year
Domain .in.ua
from 12.11 $ /year

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.org Domain selection - who needs it, how to buy it

What does the .com domain mean?

.org - the international domain which isconnected with non-profit organizations: funds of charity, community of students, labor unions, religious communities, etc. Anyone can register this domain because it doesn't demand legal registration. .org one of the first domains of the highest level was found in 1985. In our days, the domain zone is widespread in the Internet. There is still possibility to register interesting combinations for a name of the site. Wikipedia uses .org. domain zone.

Who would be suitable for .org domain rental

The electronic name of the site in the .org domain zone performs representative functions for all types of non-profit organizations, giving them the opportunity to be adequately represented in the network as a virtual online center of this or that sphere or field of knowledge, depending on the direction of their activities. An Internet resource in the .org domain zone is a necessary attribute of a modern decision-making center for the following spheres and areas of activity:   

  • As a site-guide of the tourist bureau at the Department of Culture of the Ukrainian regional center;
  • As an Internet site of the consulting center at the Embassy of Ukraine in the countries of Western Europe; 
  • As a business card site of the Ukrainian environmental public organization;        
  • The name of the website of the International Foundation for the Protection of Domestic Animals;
  • As the web address of the site of the Charitable Organization for Assistance to Victims of Natural Disasters;
  • As the electronic name of the site of the physical culture and sports society "Projektor";
  • Authorized representative of the Ukrainian Charitable Foundation may register the domain name of the landings to disseminate information about the activities of the organization;
  • Internet-representation of the UN International Mission in Eastern Europe;
  • The main domain for the website of the Society for the Protection of Consumer Rights in Ukraine.

Internet sites with the domain extension .org, as a rule, stand out for their officialism and serious orientation. They are usually addressed in search of solutions to social, family, household and other similar issues. Accordingly, the backbone of their audience will consist of adults and purposeful people. Given this, you can further plan the use of the domain in a particular area.   There is support for multilingualism for the site name, which can also affect the nature of its use.

Terms and peculiarities of .org domain registration

The .org top-level domain name has been available for registration since 1985. Since 2002, the Administrator and manager of the domain zone is a non-profit organization Public Interest Registry, specially created by ISOC. 

You can register a domain for an organization or an individual on our website. There are no additional restrictions. Certificates and authorizations are not required. The chosen name must meet the norms of morality, not violate the rights of others and meet the requirements of the current legislation of the country of the company-registrar. 

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More than just domain registration

WHOIS protection - hide personal data from intruders and enemies
CDN - caches content on 200 servers around the world to quickly open your website from anywhere in the world
Domain certificate - A physical document confirming the fact that a domain has been registered for you with HyperHost
SSL is a security certificate that protects website users from intruders and you from browser and search engine sanctions

Additional services from HyperHost company

from 7.5 $ /year
CDN Caching
from 12 $ /year
Privacy Protection
4 $
Domain certificate
10 $
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