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Domain - Create the name for your website - is an official domain of Taiwan (Asia). Taiwan is an island in the Pacific ocean, that is located 150 kilometres from the east banks of a continetal part of China. If you are looking for visitors from the Asian region, this domain will become the best choice for you. The registration is allowed for the organizations of noncommercial type, that is created for communications of people with common interest.
Rank: 4.79 from 5
Rates: 201
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Price on
75.53 $
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70.85 $
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Renew price (annually)
75.53 $
Transfer price (for 1 year)
70.85 $
Minimal registration period 1 year
Maximum registration period 10
Other language support (IDN) No
The minimal length, symbols 3
The minimal length, symbols 63
Domain Privacy (WHOIS) No
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