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EV SSL Certificate

EV SSL - buy an extended validation certificate

We install SSL certificate for our clients for FREE

Let's configure HTTPS protocol and 301 redirects

Quick issuance of the certificate

Certum Premium EV
certificate of the highest level of protection with extended verification

from 125.77 $ /year
  • for important projects
  • extended verification
  • the highest level of confidence
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Commercial Extended Validation SSL

Extended Validation Certificates - the highest level of trust certificate that allows you to prove domain ownership to an organisation. Such certificates are more expensive than regular certificates, but have a higher insurance amount in case of data loss. EV ssl can only be issued to an organisation, and the issuance process requires a representative of the organisation and documentary proof.

The Best EV SSL Certificates

Choose one of the popular EV SSL, to switch to https protocol

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Configure HTTPS - Free of charge!

We will install a certificate, set up redirects and check HTTPS protocol of your site. Not a HyperHost customer yet? We will perform the installation on a one-time paid basic!

Prices for EV SSL certificates for a website

All validation levels to choose from, as well as certificates to protect domain, email or individual domains

Certificate Name
Center of Validation
Verification Type
Subdomain protection
Price, annually
Symantec Secure Site EV symantec Extended validation (ЕV) No 957.76 $ Order
Comodo InstantSSL Premium comodo Extended validation (ЕV) No 69.29 $ Order
Comodo EV SSL Cert. comodo Extended validation (ЕV) No 139.77 $ Order
Comodo EV Multi Domain comodo Extended validation (ЕV) No 327.94 $ Order
GeoTrust True EV GeoTrust Extended validation (ЕV) No 234.91 $ Order
GeoTrust TrueBusinessID EV Multi Domain GeoTrust Extended validation (ЕV) No 481 $ Order
Thawte Web Server EV Thawte Extended validation (ЕV) No 251.67 $ Order
Thawte Webserver Wildcard Thawte Extended validation (ЕV) Yes 450.12 $ Order
Symantec Secure Site Pro symantec Extended validation (ЕV) No 825 $ Order
Symantec Secure Site Pro EV symantec Extended validation (ЕV) No 1453.33 $ Order
Certum Premium EV certum Extended validation (ЕV) No 125.77 $ Order
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Help with SSL selection and installation

Don't know which certificate you need or need help with installation? Just write to us in the chat on the site or to [email protected] - we will help you to choose and install a certificate on any hosting.

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