Thawte 123 Wildcard
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Secure Sockets Layer — Thawte 123 Wildcard

Thawte 123 Wildcard - is a beginner certificate. It secures data transfer between a client and server. It fits for small projects, with the big number of subdomains. The certificate is user-friendly because it does not require additional certificates for subdomains. This certificate price is affordable. To get the certificate, you need to validate a domain.

Thawte 123 Wildcard work with 99% of browsers. It protects all subdomains and offers a free Site Seal. Note, SSL supports IDN-domains than use not only latin symbols, it supports CIS countries domains, like .рф, .укр, etc. If you own a Cyrillic domain Make order of this certificate. The certificate is available for private entities and for companies. For domain registration, you don`t need to provide an additional info. The certificate is issued in short terms.

Thawte 123 Wildcard SSL order is an excellent decision!

For private site, forum, personal blog
  • The certificate protects your data from intruders
  • Clients trust to website using HTTPS
  • SSL - is important factor for ranking in Google
  • 1 year
    Thawte 123 Wildcard
    В наличии
  • 2 years
    discount - 1 %
    Thawte 123 Wildcard
    • 550.00 $
    • Price per 2 years:
      544.50 $
    • Annual price:
      272.25 $
    • Save:
      5.50 $
  • 3 years
    discount - 2 %
    Thawte 123 Wildcard
    • 825.00 $
    • Price per 3 years:
      808.50 $
    • Annual price:
      269.50 $
    • Save:
      16.50 $
Note! Pay on a longer period save money and time, on reissuing of certificate. Also, it is one of the factors that influences on ranking positions in Google
The detailed information about certificate
  • Verification
  • Validation Level
  • Free SSL Reissue
  • Greenbar
  • Warranty
    100 000$
  • Assurance
  • Browser Support
  • Subdomain protection (Wildcard)
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