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How to connect to Windows server via RDP?

For Windows:
Click the Start button, next "All programmes", go to "Standard", and select "Remote Desktop Connection"
Enter VDS server IP and then password. 

For Linux:
Open a command shell using xterm. Type ‘rdesktop’ at the command line to check if it was installed before.
If rdesktop is installed, then proceed.  Otherwise, you will need to install the rdesktop package for to Linux.
Type ‘rdesktop’ followed by your server’s IP address.  Then press Enter.

$ rdesktop aa.bb.ccc.dd

For MacOS, download and install the Remote Desktop Connection Client. Open the application you will be prompted for the “Computer” you would like to connect to. You can enter the server’s hostname or IP address.

The access details to VDS were sent you to by email.

VDS for Windows
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