What is Apache?

Apache is HTTP web-server. Web server Apache is a cross forming software. It is very popular software due to a big number of documets and easy integration with other soft. It support the following OS - Linux, BSD, Mac OS, Microsoft Windows, Novell NetWare, BeOS.

The advantages of Apache are: support of PHP, Phyton, Puby, Perl, ASP, Tcl; easy process of internal modules connection; support of PHP, CGI and FAST CGI; security of data and option for dividing access to data; option to use DBMS for user autetification; flaxible and reliable sytem configuration; suit for the application needing the cryptographic data secure; option for creating users derictoru on the site; option for configuration virtual hosts on the one phisical server (serveral hosts can be created); ctreates a protocol of actions on the server; is a mehod of connection between developers and server for solving issues in software.

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