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Python hosting

Python is a programming language. It's using for developing different software for various purposes. Python is very popular among newbies and advanced coders. It has a simple and understandable syntax, also the ability to connect with a large number of additional modules. Besides, it can be integrated with C / C ++ if extra modules aren't enough. Python is a cross-platform language and can work on any OS. Python setup is available "Software" section, subsection "Setting Up Python Applications" under the cPanel control panel. Available versions from 2.7 to 3.7. You can install all the necessary and popular modules to work with Python on our hosting. Or we can do it for you, just sent your request, we will help you.  

Available modules: 

- py-MySQLdb - used to work with MySQL; 

- py-beautifulsoup - for work with HTML and XML; 

- py-docutils - for documentation; 

- py-imaging - a special library for image processing; 

- py-lxml - interface for libxml2 / libxslt libraries; 

- py-psycopg2 - used for easy work with PostgreSQL; 

- py-openid is the scripts library based on OpenID. 

Python is usually used for: website development, machine learning, and process automatization. You can run your Python project on our virtual/unlimited hosting plans, VPS/VDS, and dedicated servers.  

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