What is IP-address and its typies?

IP-address (Internet Protocol Address) is a network address of the host computer into the Internet.

There are two types of IP-address:

  • The static IP-address enables you data transferring using network protocols. It is necessary that the user has a real IP-addresses on the Internet. This is necessary, for example, for establishing an encrypted VPN-connection.
  • The dynamic IP-address - is assigned automatically when the device is connected to the network and is used for a limited period of time, usually until the end of the session connection.

Also, there are two types of IP address IPv4 and IPv6. Pv4 is a first and basic version of the protocol, that can be implemented to the work of the huge part of the Internet. IPv4 address contains binary numeral 0 and 1. But they can be used as a combination of numbers divided by dots.

4,3 milliards of IPv4 is a big number but it's not enough for all the devices and needs in a world. So IPv6 was created. It uses address space with 128-bit size. The both types of IP you can rent in our company.

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