What is DNS and DNS-records?

DNS (Domain Name System) is a computer dividing system for the confirmation getting. It is always used for receiving the IP address on hostname (site). Also, using DNS, you can find out the hosting provider serving the domain. For example, our web-hosting uses ns: dns1.hyperhost.ua, dns2.hyperhost.ua.

The most important types of DNS-records:

  • The A-record (address record) connects a hosting name with IP address. For example, A-record request on name referrals.icann.org return its IP address —
  • The AAAA-record (IPv6 address record) connects a hosting name with protocol address IPv6. For example, AAAA-record request on name K.ROOT-SERVERS.NET return it IPv6 address — 2001:7fd::1
  • The CNAME-record (canonical name record) is a record name that uses for redirecting on the other name.
  • The MX-record (mail exchange) shows server of post exchange for the certain domain.
  • The NS-record (name server) shows on the DNS-server for the certain domain.
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