What is DNS and DNS-records?

DNS (Domain Name System) is a computer dividing system for the confirmation getting. It is always used for receiving the IP address on hostname (site).

The most important types of DNS-records:

  • The A-record (address record) connects a hosting name with IP address. For example, A-record request on name referrals.icann.org return its IP address —
  • The AAAA-record (IPv6 address record) connects a hosting name with protocol address IPv6. For example, AAAA-record request on name K.ROOT-SERVERS.NET return it IPv6 address — 2001:7fd::1
  • The CNAME-record (canonical name record) is a record name that uses for redirecting on the other name.
  • The MX-record (mail exchange) shows server of post exchange for the certain domain.
  • The NS-record (name server) shows on the DNS-server for the certain domain.
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